The Voracious Resurgence

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The Voracious Resurgence
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サーバ: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: Eiryl
By Asura.Eiryl 2021-06-11 13:06:57  
Bahamut.Unagihito said: »
The frequency of messages this KI is going to send vs all of the DI messages could have something to do with it. Especially for something we can't opt-out of once you get it.

The point is Unity chat doesn't need to be "chat" and we don't need all the stupid messages leaders give out.

Just the dragon. That's it. That's all it's used for, but people don't turn it off when they don't "need" it.

If they can send a server message for besieged, it's functionally identical to a DI message that should've been done the same way. It's entirely possible that this is a test of the system and they will add another one for DI if it works. It just shouldn't take years to fix obvious failings.
サーバ: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: eelman
Posts: 132
By Bahamut.Unagihito 2021-06-11 13:17:08  
Asura.Eiryl said: »
and we don't need all the stupid messages leaders give out.

Excuse me, but I need to know when Sylvie smells jungle cookies.

( Where's our recipe for jungle cookies, btw? )
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