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Destiny's Device - A New/Updated Rune Fencer Guide
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サーバ: Sylph
Game: FFXI
user: Wardeniii
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By Sylph.Wardeniv 2020-09-15 21:00:11  
Lakshmi.Watusa said: »
Gambits said: »
Lakshmi.Watusa said: »
Crossbones said: »
If not engaged can also swap turms feet for empy feet and flume belt for carby all element belt for more meva.

Is +20 X-element resistance the same as saying +20 Magic Evasion to X-element? Because if so, this would be a MEVA downgrade. Turms +1 feet to Empy +1 feet is a 40 MEVA loss, while Carby belt gives 20-30 resistance to elements.

edit: Woops, there's an additional "All Elements +25" on Empy feet I completely didn't see. This would give more MEVA then, good option for idle!
wut?! am I missing something? Turm feet = 147 ME while empy feet 107+25 = 132 ME...

The MEva loss on feet is offset by +20-30MEVA from being able to switch out Flume Belt for Engraved Belt. You can't keep both Turms Feet +1 and Engraved Belt because you need the -PDT from either slot, so Empy feet allows the tradeoff for a little less MEva on feet slot, still capping PDT, and having belt slot free to add more MEva without needing PDT there.

You can use both with Vocane +1. I know post people understandably prefer to get the crafting ring or otherwise. This is my default set and I haven't been able to squeeze better stats out of the current items available in terms of just max'ing the generic idle tank stats then max'ing m.eva. I admittedly haven't revisited it in a minute, but none of the new items have particularly jumped out in terms of potentially shuffling things around.

Whenever I find something I think might justify making some changes, it usually involves trying to switch out the grip, belt, or feet - which in terms of just raw m.eva stats are incredibly hard to beat. I'm pretty skeptical on anything modifying this set until Empy Legs get +2/+3'd or they feel like actually pushing out some better earrings.

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サーバ: Siren
Game: FFXI
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By Siren.Kyte 2020-09-15 21:38:06  
Odnowa earring+Gelatinous is only a little less magic evasion but considerably more HP.
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By Crossbones 2020-09-15 21:59:26  
I always try to use my accessory slots for HP because you can get so much out of them. The fact that odnowa has MDT/DT on it is even more of a bonus. In my tank set I cruise just above 3200 HP with food. This is my disengaged tank set (what I use to tank 98% of the time, don't like to engage for the most part):
{ammo="Staunch Tathlum +1",
head="Turms Cap +1",
body="Runeist's Coat +3",
hands="Turms Mittens +1",
legs="Eri. Leg Guards +1",
feet="Erilaz Greaves +1",
neck="Futhark Torque +2",
waist="Flume Belt",
left_ear="Tuisto Earring",
right_ear="Odnowa Earring +1",
left_ring="Gelatinous Ring +1",
right_ring="Defending Ring",
back={ name="Ogma's cape", augments={'HP+60','Eva.+20 /Mag. Eva.+20','HP+20','Enmity+10','Phys. dmg. taken-10%',}},}

Haven't got engraved belt yet cause I'm lazy but I need to. Wish I had a gold moogle belt though.
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By soralin 2020-09-16 00:24:46  
Crossbones said: »
My TP set:
sub="Utu Grip",
head="Ayanmo Zucchetto +2",
body="Ashera Harness",
hands="Turms Mittens +1",
legs="Meg. Chausses +2",
feet="Turms Leggings +1",
neck="Futhark Torque +2",
waist="Ioskeha Belt +1",
left_ear="Telos Earring",
right_ear="Sherida Earring",
left_ring={name="Moonlight Ring",priority=15,bag="wardrobe3"},
right_ring={name="Moonlight Ring",priority=15,bag="wardrobe2"},
back={ name="Ogma's cape", augments={'STR+20','Accuracy+20 Attack+20','STR+10','"Dbl.Atk."+10','Phys. dmg. taken-10%',}},}

Dimi set:
head={ name="Herculean Helm", augments={'Pet: DEX+8','"Fast Cast"+3','Weapon skill damage +6%',}},
body={ name="Herculean Vest", augments={'Attack+20','DEX+13','Weapon skill damage +6%','Mag. Acc.+13 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+13',}},
hands="Meg. Gloves +2",
legs={ name="Lustr. Subligar +1", augments={'Accuracy+20','DEX+8','Crit. hit rate+3%',}},
feet={ name="Lustra. Leggings +1", augments={'HP+65','STR+15','DEX+15',}},
neck="Fotia Gorget",
waist="Fotia Belt",
left_ear={ name="Moonshade Earring", augments={'"Mag.Atk.Bns."+4','TP Bonus +250',}},
right_ear="Sherida Earring",
left_ring="Regal Ring",
right_ring="Niqmaddu Ring",
back={ name="Ogma's cape", augments={'DEX+20','Accuracy+20 Attack+20','DEX+10','Weapon skill damage +10%','Phys. dmg. taken-10%',}},}

Don't have any other sets but this one for dimi and the engaged set is my hybrid tank set (I don't really ever use pure DD set or LH on RUN). The key with Fu is letting him get enough buffs that dimi>dimi does a large chunk of his HP.

Thanks! Pretty close to what I workshopped out as a set, though I dont have regal ring or Niqmaddu Ring yet.

Couple questions though:

What fueled your choice for Str+30 on your TP Cape, over Dex+20/Acc+10? Seems like a fat chunk of missing accuracy. Second, Im using Store TP over Double attack atm because DA loses a lot of its value when AM3 is up, and I dont feel like making another entire cape just for when AM3 isn't up, since thats not often the case. Also Im using Kentarch+1 over Ioskeh, at R15 I believe it wins now, assuming you're in a unity that maxes out the Store TP+5.

Im also atm using Lust. Cap+1 over Herc head, which I think is pretty close to the same, you need pretty juicy rolls on a Herc head to beat Lustr. Cap right?

Im hoping to take another stab at Fu tonight with my revised gear.

I guess the big question remaining is, what trusts should I use? I dont want them to pump me with too many buffs that makes Fu go bonkers, but I also need them to keep me alive.

Geo/Cor/Run is the current comp, so Im thinking Koru Moru, Ulmia, and Yoran Oran is still fine, since they'll just give me Pro/Shell/Regen/Haste/March/March

Though that means if I get 2 rolls from my Cor, that'll bump me up to 8 buffs, which maybe is a bit high? I dunno, I feel like it toes the line.

Just to confirm, if Fu absorbs Protect from 6 party members, because its all just the same buff, does that just count as one? Or does that actually count as 6 separate buffs?
Posts: 286
By Crossbones 2020-09-16 00:46:29  
I use str and da on my tp cape because I play like 18 jobs and it doubles as my reso cape. The da helps me build am faster which is kind of a pain in the *** with the hybrid set I use unless I get fighters roll which is never. Swordplay gives me 60 acc with the relic gloves I think? Idk, it's one of the items. Kind of same thing for kentarch, I don't carry it and kinda only use it on my dnc, da helps non am tp gain and use it on more jobs so I carry it. Haven't even gotten to augmenting kentarch yet.

I try not to use lust in many slots as they make you really weak for that one split second so two is plenty. I've died enough times to medusa javelin or what have you and death is quite inconvenient. Even my reso set uses relic body for the fat attack and bonus damage reduction (its actually all I use it for besides the JA).

I can't really answer the trust question as I run LS events so I always do things with a group. All I can say is most of the time we do fu we either use a geared tank to solo dps it down with basically just geo haste and pro / shell and other self buffs, or use smn / pups to kill it. Lately have been memeing savage drg with tacticians roll.
Posts: 647
By soralin 2020-09-16 09:11:32  
Ok so we pretty much have Glassy Thinker and Glassy Gorger down but how on earth do I deal with Glassy Craver's Hate reset spam?

After around 50%, the constant hate resets and built up hate by the supports/healers just makes hate management become unbearable and the dude soon enough is running all over spamming his AoE on everything, and then it goes to ***.

Does Third Eye mitigate this?

Also, do Shadows/Blink absorb View Sync?
Posts: 286
By Crossbones 2020-09-16 10:17:13  
The way I deal with carver is attack down. If you have a geo wilt it absolutely cucks him, bio if you need more. We just all stack on the boss by the little rock and curaga when needed. If you lower his attack he doesn't do that much damage. I think barthunder helps with the stuns too. Shadows should work on view sync.

Didn't even know he had a hate reset TBH. Fought him many many times without even using a tank. Even when I tank him if I can't keep hate through DPS I just /shrug since a DPS in a hybrid set should have few issues surviving with proper support, but if you really want to get hate back don't forget to abuse your JAs (assuming you are /DRK). He's weak to piercing (thinker blunt, gorger slash) so if you have that he melts really fast. Rudras>impulse>rudras works particularly well if you have that option. But yeah, I feel like lowering his attack and just stacking is a much easier way to deal with him. I can't remember the last time I fought him at range but that must have been back when you could only do omen with 6 people and I remember that being really painful.
サーバ: Leviathan
Game: FFXI
user: Isiolia
Posts: 357
By Leviathan.Isiolia 2020-09-16 10:22:48  
Impalement is a hate reset, but yeah, Wilt is huge for making View Sync/Carousel manageable. Also works quite nicely on Gorger for offsetting him absorbing a lot of ATT buffs (usually the only dangerous thing he has then is his breath move).

Generally though, enfeeble Craver right and he's the easiest midboss 'cause it's just a zerg.

If needed, you may want to have your COR split rolls to do Evoker's on trusts (if they aren't already). I know for triboxing similar setups, they can end up running on fumes without some extra MP recovery. I end up using BRD over COR a lot for that reason, personally.
Posts: 286
By Crossbones 2020-09-16 10:37:27  
For sure gotta second using wilt on gorger as well. I've been killed by quadratic continuum so many times and everyone on here already knows I'm weak vs math.
サーバ: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: Gerion
Posts: 1522
By Asura.Geriond 2020-09-16 10:54:47  
They don't have a lot of magic evasion, so RUN can also apply Weapon Break to the mid-bosses if they have a decent MACC set.
サーバ: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
user: Watusa
Posts: 629
By Lakshmi.Watusa 2020-09-24 12:25:02  
Anyone have a capped SIRD /BLU enmity set they can share please? I can’t seem to find many options that balances both. Currently rocking this:
    sets.midcast.BLUenmity = {
    ammo="Staunch Tathlum +1",
    head="Halitus Helm",
    body={ name="Taeon Tabard", augments={'Spell interruption rate down -7%','Phalanx +3',}},
    hands="Regal Gauntlets",
    legs={ name="Carmine Cuisses +1", augments={'Accuracy+20','Attack+12','"Dual Wield"+6',}},
    feet={ name="Taeon Boots", augments={'Evasion+25','Spell interruption rate down -10%','Phalanx +3',}},
    neck="Moonlight Necklace",
    waist="Audumbla Sash",
    ear1={name="Cryptic Earring", priority=1}, --4
    ear2="Trux Earring", --5
    left_ring={ name="Gelatinous Ring +1", augments={'Path: A',}},
    right_ring="Eihwaz Ring",
    back={ name="Ogma's cape", augments={'HP+60','Eva.+20 /Mag. Eva.+20','HP+20','"Fast Cast"+10','Spell interruption rate down-10%',}},

Taeon is just my Phalanx gear with SIRD on it, no enmity. Most of the accessories are just to keep HP high enough during swaps
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