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VNMLS {Do You Need It?}
サーバ: Unicorn
Game: FFXI
user: Jewkitten
Posts: 224
By Unicorn.Jewkitten 2010-03-27 02:58:43  

I am Jewkitten of SmokeoutLS on Unicorn.

We are openly recruiting for VNMs.

If interested please head to
and sign up under your game name.

Then /tell Jewkitten or Ultrajake in game for a pearl^^

Prefered jobs are: SMN, BLM, PLD, BRD, PUP, WHM

But we will gladly work with anyone who is willing to put their time and effort into creating and winning pops.

Already recruited many interested people today, but want to create a "hang out" environment where we have so many available people around the clock that we can do random VNM runs any time, any day besides the "offical" run time of Tue/Fri 8pm EST.

If you like our company and how we run things we also have the following events people may participate in:

Payout Dynamis: Monday / Thursday 8pm EST
- after a 4 run trial a member gets a equal cut of currency

Limbus: Wednesday / Sunday 8pm EST
- we have beat omega and ultima recently but would like more members to account for the random nature of attendance, how one day we can have a full alliance and win, then the next run only 6 show up. lol

Thank you for your time!^^/
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