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[Fairy Server] Grand Dream Linkshell Recruiting
サーバ: Fairy
Game: FFXI
user: FurorGD
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By Fairy.Furor 2010-01-31 02:34:57  

Grand Dream is currently recruiting members who play in the PST/EST evenings. Lead by veteran players, we currently do sky, sea, limbus, ZNMs, Dynamis and salvage. We are looking to expand our roster for dynamis and to do other events like Einherjar as well as Ouryu/Bahamut V2 fights. We are very knowledgeable of all end game activities and strive to be successful by doing events with small numbers.

We are recruiting the following jobs: WHM, BLM, RDM, PLD, DRK, BRD, RNG, SAM, SMN, BLU, COR, and SCH. Whether you are new to end game or looking for a new home you are more than welcome to apply.

Monday - ZNMs 8pm EST
Tuesday - Freeday
Wednesday - Dynamis 10pm EST
Thursday - Limbus 8pm EST/9:15pm EST
Friday - Freeday
Saturday - Misc. event(Sky guards/kirin or any misc. event)
Sunday - Sky/Sea farm or Misc. Event 4pm EST, Dynamis 8pm EST, Limbus 11pm EST

What we look for in an applicant:
* Positive attitude and willingness to learn.
* At least 1 level 75 job. Having a mage job in addition to a melee or tank job is looked highly upon.
* Sky and Sea access is required.
* Gear and merits for jobs leveled at 75. If you have a job at 75 you must be able to use it at events if needed.
* The use of ventrilo. It makes communicating for events much easier.

Feel free to look at what we have accomplished so far as well as how the shell is run or apply at forum.granddreamlinkshell.com

Thank you for your time.
サーバ: Fairy
Game: FFXI
user: Vytiss
Posts: 115
By Fairy.Vytiss 2010-02-18 10:22:26  
ZNM-only applicants accepted at all?
granted, i'm always willing to help out at other events pending my own sea/sky/endgame LS events don't conflict.
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