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Iconoclast looking for members.
サーバ: Fairy
Game: FFXI
user: Khaiden
Posts: 18
By Fairy.Khaiden 2010-01-30 21:26:21  

We are a newly formed Mercenary linkshell on the Fairy Server. We recently formed from members that have played closely together in salvage and other events and enjoy low manning events and making gil in the process. We do have a point system in place for members when we do not have a buyer for an item. We are a true mercenary system and we sell all money drops and split the proceeds on a monthly basis between members.

What we seek is mainly members that have the basics for their jobs and are interested in planned events with good players and fun, not drama. Most of our members have camped almost everything in the game and are no longer interested in spending hours camping kings, etc. We now prefer to take a more laid back approach to the game. We do enjoy low manning strategies and we are not interested in large numbers just to throw bodies at the mobs, but would like to expand slightly so we can take on a few more challenges.

If you feel this would be of interest to you then we would welcome you to apply. A couple of the events we want to add are Einherjar and Dynamis (Tavnazia) to this mix. We also welcome server transfers.

Our Current Schedule:

Sunday - Limbus 4:30 EST

Monday - Off day

Tuesday - Sky Farm 2pm

Wednesday - Limbus 4:30 EST

Thursday - Sea Farm 2pm

Friday - Zeni 2pm

Saturday - Event/Force pops 2pm

*Times listed are in Eastern Standard Time.

Our forums are located at Iconoclast
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