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Chocobo Digging Observations
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By Pugofmidgard 2018-04-10 18:41:23  
Chocobo - AzureBreeze
Green Female BastokStables
ISNM Egg: - Compliments to the Chef
Traits: Bore - TreasureFinder
Has No Feature Modifications (Normal beak, legs, feathers)

Player Related Information
Max Digging Skill
Blue Racing Silks
Chocobo Digging Rope

Other context notes

I have not personally raised and used a Chocobo with Burrow, so my personal digging observations are limited to my use of AzureBreeze.

I have added Burrow Pool Data based on other's findings. Some Burrow Layers were easy to identify because the pools were repeats of Bore Layers, others are unique to Burrow and can't be fully 'confirmed' through my test digs.

My setup will generally convert 300 Greens into 400+ items in a single whistle use worth of dig time.

I do not use add-ons/plug-ins to parse results.

Blue Racing Silks adding to the capacity potential and Discernment freebies stretching out the green stacks makes for a very high available space requirement for effective dig times.

Available Inventory Space can't be a concern during this activity, so a near empty inventory is recommended.

More so in areas where there are non-stacking item results, like Red Jar - Furniture.

Digging Experiences

I view the traits Bore and Burrow as providing a means to access another strata layer when digging.

Mechanically it is just another pool of drops unique to each trait when present on a Chocobo.

Weather, Moon Phase, Day of Week*, and Time of Day absolutely impact what items can be dug up, but these modifiers don't necessarily have an impact on items received in every instance, in every zone.

Digging Reward Sequence

Normal Layer (Treasure Item Find Yes/No - Yes, End) No > (Normal Item Find{check for phased pools - weather, day, night} Yes/No, Yes/No Bore/Burrow) > Bore/Burrow Layer (Bore/Burrow Item Find Yes/No, End)

Treasure Items in my description are items like Heavy Metal Plates, Dynamis Currency, Walk of Echo Coins.

Even with a combined months of daily 35 minute digging runs, Treasure Item finds are infrequent.

Combining the potential types in a zone, the number of Treasure Item Finds in terms of a count within a digging session: 1-3 being common, 4-7 being uncommon, and 8+ being extremely rare.

There has never been a Normal Digging Layer Item pool drop as a second drop, nor a Bore Layer Item Result when these Treasure Items appear, always by itself in my observations.

Normal Item Layer, Normal Item success can also include a Bore/Burrow item in the result, getting 2 items for a single dig success.

Flanteus noted 1-3 three items on a Chocobo with both Bore and Burrow.

Weather, Day, and Night modified Normal Item pools can allow an additional Bore/Burrow item result.

Bore Layer and Burrow Layer items can appear alone, not just as a second item on a Normal Item result dig.

I lack a bird setup with both traits to know if a Bore Item and a Burrow Item can appear together and if there is a priority.

An item can be a possible result in both the Normal and Bore/Burrow layers, which can create the chance that you may receive two of the same item in a single dig success.

Acknowledgements and tasks

I would like to thank everyone that posted/shared their data and findings and would like to offer additions, and responses where I can, with this context about my results.

There are a number of existing posts with item findings, but not yet all consolidated. Zone Item lists for zones added in 2016 may not be fully revealed in those posts due to skill conditions, bird trait requirements, and general rarity of the activity to confirm all items are discovered.

My approach here will be to gather existing data, acknowledge sources and providers, and validate and expand lists where I can and outline needs to complete the Burrow point of view which I currently lack access.

MoobooMagoo - Thank you. Post used to provide some Burrow Data findings.

Catrina - Thank you. Lots of the initial findings posts.

Flanteus - Thank you. More Burrow Data.

Kisagotami - Thank you. Seeing allot of the same sample observations in initial Conquest Zone expansions in 2016.

Data Template-

Zone: Name of Zone
Weather Aligned: Weather Aligned Results
Weather Unaligned: Weather doesn't add or change drops
Element Alignment: Area-Specific - Ignores Weather and Day of Week
Lunar Phase: Area-Specific (Elemental Ore during Waxing Crescent in some Conquest Zones being a known instance)
Day Only/Night Only: Sunrise to Sundown, Dusk to Dawn (Some ShadowReign zones have Bottled-Pixie in daytime pool, seeds at night)
Raised Chocobo Digging Only: Yes/No
STR Currency Reward: Conquest Points, Allied Notes*B Rank STR modified results (400-1200), Imperial Standing (400-1200), Bayld*B Rank STR modified results (400-850)

Normal Digging Layer:

Burrow Digging Layer:

Bore Digging Layer:
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By Pugofmidgard 2018-04-10 20:22:40  


Aht Urhgan

Chains of Promathia

Middle Lands & Zilart
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By MoobooMagoo 2018-04-11 10:42:08  
Yay I helped!
If you're right with the treasure -> normal -> burrow / bore idea, then that would make the black chocobo suit make more sense, as it would increase the odds of the initial treasure find, or possibly reduce the odds of a normal item. Or both.
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