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Post your SIR sets!
サーバ: Sylph
Game: FFXI
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By Sylph.Agentblade 2017-02-05 17:45:07  
Looking to see everyone's different set combos and what staple pieces make be overlooked.
サーバ: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
user: Nightfyre
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By Fenrir.Nightfyre 2017-02-05 17:59:18  
We went over this a few days ago in the guide thread.

ItemSet 133051

This set totals 100% -interrupt with perfect Taeon augments (-10% each; 101% with Tathlum +1), meaning that it's ~2% short of cap. You can obtain the remaining 2% and/or gain a bit extra to allow tradeoffs in other slots via the following methods:

-dark ring or diamond ring from gold chests in Abyssea Konschtat and Vunkerl, respectively. Up to 5% each.
-aptus earring (up to 5%) via the Chocobo Key reward from Battaru Royale, or magnetic earring from Apoc Nigh
-parashu from Grimshell Shocktroopers II and magic strap from T2 ZNM Reacton
-karasutengu kogake from Plucking Wings
-SIR merits (2% each, up to 10% total)

There are a few sidegrade/downgrade pieces in various slots; you can easily find these via the power search function.
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