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Mikage Tests
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By Bahadir 2016-11-16 15:22:36  
Went out there to do some tests with mikage and would welcome any1 who could support me here ^^
Larger sample = better data.

Questions that I tried to tackle are:
1) What is the distribution for Mikage with 7 shadows?
2) Does Mikage trigger during WS?
3) Does Mikage really only trigger on main hand?
4) Does Mikage's multi attack trigger before or after DA/TA/QA?
5) Does Daken surpass the 8-hit / round limit?

Test setup so far: Nin/Dnc with 0 DA/TA/QA in gear, no shuriken and as low STP as possible but high acc. Went to the uragnite (as their abilities do not stripe shadows) and summoned a trust tank and some support for haste. Only one katana in main hand (was my Kannagi! still 90 ._.). I wrote two macros: one that used Blade: Rin with an "/echo WS TP <tp>" and one just to report TP with "/echo TP <tp> round".
Then I let Amchuchu get hate get shadows up and pop mikage. I then start spaming the TP_Round macro and whenever Im >2k TP I use Blade: Rin via macro. That way I can check the TP returns afterwards and calculate attacks/round. This is not perfect as I ignore missed attacks but I assume caped acc so 99% hit rate. Hopefully the introduced error is small enough.

Result so far:
1 Attack: 1 // Assuming it was a 2 where one missed
2 attacks: 23
3 attacks: 15
4 attacks: 15
5 attacks: 10
6 attacks: 12
7 attacks: 0
8 attacks: 0
Total: 76
/* Will run mikage 5-10 times and update the table */

All WS returned 100 TP while normal hits were 72 TP per hit.

(First assumed) Results:
- Even with 7 shadows Mikage grants at most 6 attacks (which will make it harder to test the daken thing :/)
- Mikage does not trigger on WS
- 7 Shadows seem to grant at least 2 hits
- 7 shadows screw the distribution towards 5~6 attacks.

Super strange thing was: when I hit WS macro I very shortly have 72 TP but then immediately get to 100 TP. Without a further attack round. Any ideas why that happens?

EDIT: Problem solved: Ionis Save TP kicks in.
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By Siren.Kyte 2016-11-16 15:27:30  
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By Bahadir 2016-11-16 15:30:58  
Siren.Kyte said: »
Ahhh good call....forgot Save TP from Ionis. Thx ^^
well results are still valid. A 2-attack proc on WS would ve been >100 TP
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By Asura.Sechs 2016-11-16 17:08:27  
Nvm I can't read
By 2016-11-16 17:13:33
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By Fenrir.Snaps 2016-11-17 13:32:11  
Seems like an okay test that provides some useful information. It might be useful to repeat the test with a lot of Double Attack (Fighter's Roll/WAR subjob/full DA gear) to see how multi attack gear interacts with Mikage.
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By Bahadir 2016-11-17 13:50:47  
Thats the next step. but need more data on the distribution first. Added another mikage run now and will do another in about one hour.

Right now I run Mikage afk ~45min and then come back for next run. But that way I can only provide data of 2-3 mikages a day. If someone wants to support me and run a test or two Ill add the data to the table. It looks like the distribution changed a lot when I added the last numbers. Right now Im tempted to say its mostly double attack and all other numbers are more or less evenly distributed but cannot be sure until we have more data.
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