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Nin DT- Set
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By Bahadir 2016-06-27 07:49:17  
Hey guys,
if one day in the far future that giant lizard with horns eventually becomes fed up with giving me Pixie Earrings Id like to build a -50% DT set for my Nin (rathern than PDT/MDT to include Breath dmg).
Im tryn to:
- only use Shigi and keep other weapon slot open
- keep a shuriken to not impair TP gain too much
- avoid Herc. gear with DT- augs cause of randomness...

So far I came up with
ItemSet 344450
any ideas how to improve that/reach 50% without Herc.?
EDIT: Assuming Im super lucky with Dark ring and get at least a 5/5/5 for all 3 dmg types that would put me at -35% so far. So 15% more to go.
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By Quetzalcoatl.Langly 2016-06-27 09:43:42  
Without Herc gear you're going to be reaching for some obscure pieces.

My current set (non magical) looks a bit like this:
ItemSet 344016
All Herculean have DT-4% and some other stats on em, and Dark Ring 6PDT/6MDT
Ahh, my preciousssssss:

Don't try to build one set. You'll want a pure PDT/Def set, a magical set with something like Engulfer's Cape and Shadow Ring, and a PDT set hybrid with accuracy.

Arjuna Breeches/Blistering Sallet +1 being a good example of something you can swap in for Herculean. And in the case of the breeches, still retain accuracy for your PDT/Acc hybrid set.

Am I overdoing it on DT sets? Sure. I'll boyscout the ***outta this though, and always try to be prepared. :D
Posts: 223
By Bahadir 2016-06-27 10:17:23  
Thx or the input!
I fear that it wont be possible for me to avoid more Herc. gear for this. Just hate the augs so much...

Thing is that I dont use gear swap or anything so normal in-game macros have to do the trick. So I guess for now Ill aim for a DT- Herc set with decent Acc stats and add some differenc accesories to a seperate MDT set that adds some MDB. No mules as well so dont have infinitive space to spare for this :D

Btw: does it matter which stone I use if I want DT- Augs for Herc?
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By Quetzalcoatl.Langly 2016-06-27 11:07:08  
I have found DT showing up on Fern and Taupe. I believe it could technically show up on any since it's an 'off path' augment for all of them(?) I just consider myself lucky I have DT-4 head/hands/legs/feet.

In all honesty, there's only 2 pieces in my set above, and there's definitely some room for improvement. I don't think you'd have to torture yourself too much over too many Herc pieces.
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By Ragnarok.Muffz 2016-06-27 11:27:20  
The only stone that I've seen will give DT-4 is fern. It's also more likely to get any DT- because fern forces that slot to appear.
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By Asura.Azagarth 2016-06-27 14:53:02  
High DT for me has been the rarest augment. I have -pdt5 and seen mdt -5 tons of times, but best dt i have seen is -4 dt and its on my feet, other than that -2dt is the best I could do on any.

To give you an idea I have all herc pieces 30 acc and 4 TA, so you can imagine I have put in my thousands of stones already (10k+ easily). I may just be unlucky though as you see others have had more success.

Technically you can get to 50 dt, but I cannot imagine doing strait
-dt with no herc gear. You can mix a few pieces here and there for -dt -mdt, but you wont get breath.

molluscus matnle or w/e had -5 dt which is one more for ya. This set below will get you to -38dt, getting 12 more from herc shouldnt be hard, and herc gear is super easy to get. You can solo pants, and if you have blu you can get head, hands, and feet safely solo. I wouldnt try them on Nin. Actually you caould solo tealmoth just fine on nin too :D

ItemSet 344457
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By Fenrir.Nightfyre 2016-06-27 15:46:14  
NIN should do fine on Belphegor as well I'd think. Maybe not Oryx, but Oryx is an annoying solo no matter how you slice it. Much better to bring a friend or two along.

Capped (P/M)DT is kind of a baseline in strong defensive sets nowadays more than the focus, you can incorporate other stats too. Accuracy for hybrid sets, meva for resisting debuffs and nukes, +cure potency received for recovering after big hits, etc. There are lots of useful options available if your gear allows it.
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By Bahadir 2016-06-28 03:24:32  
Thx for the input! Forgot about Mollusca Mantle. And have the pet ring from SoA and want to keep it so its gonna be a Dark Ring I guess.
I do have Herc gear. Just dislike the augmenting a lot so want to avoid bulding plenty of sets... but I guess I should hope for DT- augs along with decent Acc. That should be a good start.
But so far I was unable to kill Belphegor only with trusts. No dispel and if not before, then during Chainspell one spell or the other goes through Migawari and rosts me. So always needed at least a Brd to support.
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By Bahadir 2016-06-28 05:37:15  
Now something else came to my mind... does Shell count towards the MDT 50% cap? If so, getting Shell V from Apururu would already cap me at 50% and I could focus on PDT in other slots.
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By Quetzalcoatl.Langly 2016-06-28 09:31:57  
It does.
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By hushmunkey 2017-08-16 11:55:35  
I use either an MDT or PDT set. Conveniently, this PDT set also caps MDT with the right Shell V. Generally I try to only swap in when I know I'm going to eat damage. If I have to full-time anything it'd be MDT, maybe for a mob that spams aoe mdmg. PDT is typically only for when shadows are down. If I have to full-time PDT I probably 1) shouldn't be tanking, & 2) should maybe come on a different job.

I have a PDT set for higher accuracy as well, but the PDT and MDT sets I use are as follows:

ItemSet 352810
The Herc. Gloves I use for this set have a DT-3 aug. This set puts you at the full 50% PDT and 27% MDT.

ItemSet 352808
This set puts you at 26% MDT (which is capped w/a good Shell V) and focuses on elemental resist and MEVA wherever possible.
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By Boshi 2017-08-16 12:10:21  
I like using Warder's Charm + Shadow Ring for magical stuff.
Like the above person: Engraver's Belt a good option also.

Also for mdt capping: dampening tam has MDT-4, and so do Floral Gauntlets - floral being useful if you want some lower haste swaps

for herc:
Pdt and mdt cap is 4 normal, 5 fern
Dt cap is 3 normal, 4 fern

Don't forget the base herc leg/hand/feet have pdt2 so it's easier to get a usable piece than you think.

From my understand the way it works is for the special slot roll distrbution pdt/mdt/dt all share a slot, then it's a 1/3 roll to see which of the 3? Regardless getting a specific roll (ie: dt4) is rarer than say ta4.


Back options i generally like moonbeam for idle hp250 dt5
But i swap to Agema Cape engaged for some acc: hp40 acc20 dt3


Regarding shellV:
Normal: mdt -62/256 (24.22%)
Normal with sheltered ring: mdt -67/256 (26.17%)
Merited whm: 70/256 27.34%
Merited whm with sheltered ring: 75/256 29.30%

So in theory you need 26%/24%/23%/21% to cap
Depending.. on specific gear fractions this may fall off 1-2%

Also don't forget in escha/reis vorseal gives 3%dt (6% during double)
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By hushmunkey 2017-08-20 19:03:36  
I really like your idea of shadow ring/mantle. Def. Gonna squeeze in PDT elsewhere (probably w/genbu head) and put cape into my set.
The ring is a bit trickier, might at it up as a shigi/raicho only luxury. I REALLY like having all the MEVA from kendatsuba amd don't want to drop the feet (or any other piece) for amm greaves and a 13% shot at dmg nullification. 1 in just under 8 is pretty good but I can't bring myself to do it yet. I'll def. Work it in for high tier fights where I'd need shigi for acc anyway
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By Bismarck.Snprphnx 2017-08-20 19:56:33  
Since technically it's its own source of damage, does MEVA help with Breath Damage Taken?
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By hushmunkey 2017-08-21 11:58:20  
I believe so, since breath dmg can be resisted the same as mdmg - and magic resist is affected by magic hit rate.

BG Says this: "Breath Damage is somewhat special, and not much testing has been done on it. Unlike other formulas, that are based partially on player stats, Breath Damage is seems to be based only on Monster HP and -Breath Damage Taken gear that the player is wearing. Also, it is generally Conal damage that can be lessened by strafing and can be Resisted like normal magic spells; however, it is not reduced by "Magic Damage Taken" gear.

Formula 7:Corrected Damage = (Breath Base Damage)×(1 -% Breath Damage Taken -% Damage Taken)
"Breath Base Damage" above is proportional to monster HP, but capped based (likely) on the level of the monster or the specific TP move. Similar to the other formulas, the final term caps at 50%."
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By mhomho 2017-08-21 13:49:20  
I tried thinking of some things for a nin -dt. I got to

ItemSet 352915

This would be my base set. That's 45% -DT using minimal slots. Was having a hard time thinking looking for pieces to get the last few bits of -DT. With Vocane +1 and Moonlight Cape you'd get to 47%. I'm ok with that. Just an average NQ ninja here.

My problem was doing haste sets for -DT.

12 DW set:

ItemSet 352917

Alternatives being belt and legs to get there instead of head and earring.

22 DW set:

ItemSet 352918

32 DW set:

ItemSet 352919

My problem came up at 39 DW set. So far I have come up with:

ItemSet 352920

This set is only 34 DW. Even with +1 mask you still are 4 DW shy of reaching cap. Not really sure where to slot in the remaining DW without losing -DT and seeing as -DT is the priority for these sets I left it alone. Maybe some Dark Matter augmented Herculean piece that gives both DW and -DT. I tried to remove as many Herculean pieces from the equation to mitigate the randomness of augments (cause I'm cheap).

I don't know why I chose Nagi for mainhand for the sets... To counteract the enmity loss from Shigi and Somen if you have to "tank"?

- edit -

ItemSet 352926

50% -DT nin base set. Just these pieces will bring you to cap leaving the rest for whatever (maybe dual wield / haste sets uhn?). You do lose shurikens though :[ so no Daken.... Shame... If you really needed it though.
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By Bismarck.Lilmartio 2017-08-21 16:32:10  
mhomho said: »
My problem came up at 39 DW set. So far I have come up with:

ItemSet 352920

This set is only 34 DW. Even with +1 mask you still are 4 DW shy of reaching cap. Not really sure where to slot in the remaining DW without losing -DT and seeing as -DT is the priority for these sets I left it alone. Maybe some Dark Matter augmented Herculean piece that gives both DW and -DT. I tried to remove as many Herculean pieces from the equation to mitigate the randomness of augments (cause I'm cheap).

This is the best I could do. Unfortunately, you do need to use Herculean and you're down -1DT unless you DM. On the bright side you are at 39% DW ^^;
(Mantle: DW+10)
ItemSet 352929
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By Boshi 2017-08-21 17:55:56  
Since we're mentioning Nagi for a -pure tanking- purpose:
with this you could offhand Shuhansadamune (Diabolos Merit fight katana)
decent dmg/dly 125/122 @ 242 skill with:
Eva+22,Enmity+10, FastCast+5%, Counter+5, **PDT-3%

On the tanking note:
I've never really used this but I thought it was a fun idea:
tanking set that while shadows are up is a max evasion set while capping MDT (and neck/ring), that flips to full PDT physical focus when shadows drop.

I figure this topic has a lot of good discussion going on so might as well toss something in about a lolevasion set:

It's a very niche set, but for the point of reference here's what seems to be our best evasion options (also most of these pieces besides the accesories (minus yamarang), and af+3 feet mentioned are high accuracy+ pieces.):

ammo= yamarang eva15,
head= Hiza+2 agi24 eva90, alt: rao+1a agi17/eva86
neck= EJnecklace+1 eva16, alternate: combatant's
ears= infused agi4 eva10, eabani eva15 (but dw4) (non dw options ruaun escha ear or wkr ear)
body= Ashera DT-7 agi30 eva90, Hiza+2 agi28 eva95
hands= Hiza+2 agi16 eva76 (this is slot where Hiza wins the most, also critparry25)
rings= Hiza(eva12,acc6,stp5), vengeful (hp20,eva9,meva9,enmity3), Regal, Illabrat
back= amb cape agi20/evasion30/ enmity10 or da10
waist= Svelt. Gouriz +1 agi10 eva10
legs= rao+1a agi21 eva97, Hiza+2 agi24/eva81, AF+3 agi31eva78 (dw5),
feet= Hiza+2 agi34 eva114 (dw8), Mummu+1 agi53eva88, rao+1a agi34eva89, AF+3 agi44eva99,
(could mention empy+1 feet with agi39eva80 and criticalparry20)

generally about sets:
hiza+2: The standard for high evasion.
people have a problem with dw on feet. Don't forget Hiza+2 set bonus of counter, BG has an estimate of set bonus being "Counter"+4~20% but this needs testing

af+3: pretty high eva, good meva, poor other stats. any melee buffs are crushed by dw, low haste swap.

mummu+1: generally a good eva set for any job, only the feet are competitive with the tops pieces while still having good dd stats.

Rao+1: path a is eva20acc12att12. Legs are the strongest piece, even on another path legs are competitive. Feet still decent too. Also have regen3/2.

This is what I had put together as a makeshift eva set, trying to cap MDT with warder's/shadow while losing minimal eva, it was basically what you see above and for magic stuff I put in:
neck="Warder's Charm +1",
ear2="Sanare Earring",
body="Ashera Harness", --7dt
ring1="Shadow Ring",
ring2="Defending Ring", --10dt
back="Moonbeam Cape", --5dt
-- DT-22%
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