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Looking for Group-Hyperion
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By Caivian 2016-01-18 20:16:17  
I don't post here often due to being a bit socially awkward but I am trying to heal a wound that I have suffered very recently due to an event that took my best friend and lover (wife) from me for what looks to be the rest of my life. As she was my inlet to groups for things and stuff, I have been left with only one other person to readily do things with in game.

I am looking for 2 or more people, or preferably a linkshell with people actively grouping for random things from dailies to whatever new content is being done at the moment. If anyone on Hyperion has interest and would like to group for random things, I've recently (today) changed names from Caivian Amory to Cerily Amiri.

Please understand that I am somewhat awkward at talking to people, even through a game. Also, I do not have experience with top end content as I have always been afraid to try things by myself, and I never wanted my wife to get upset with people (happened with first coil, so we didn't really go for current raids as much after). That said, I would certainly be willing to learn and I think of myself as not terrible at the jobs I play.

PM here or tells in game would be great, or just toss a ls invite if you have one and wouldn't mind trying out some new people. Thanks for taking a look!

Oh, I am not ready to give up the FC that I built with my wife when ARR launched, so I cannot join a new FC at this time.

Edit: Generally online evenings CST.
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