11/1/14 - Resources Adjustment

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11/1/14 - Resources Adjustment
サーバ: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
user: Byrthnoth
Posts: 5599
By Lakshmi.Byrth 2014-11-01 11:13:59  
Just to keep you guys abreast of our resources adjustment, we're changing some things with casttime and recast today.

The .dats store casting time and recast as a multiple of 4. I believe at some point in the past these were properly corrected back to seconds in the resources library, but it was lost at some point in the last few months. We're going to adjust those back to being in seconds, so if you have changed anything to accommodate the library, please change it back!

Next, in a recent update SE decided to reorganize their separate spell recast resource (at the same time that they reorganized the associated packet). The resource and packet now exist in the same order as the spell IDs in the .dats. This makes the spell_recasts resource redundant. We're going to eliminate it and set recast_id equal to the id of each spell. So you can do:
windower.ffxi.get_spell_recasts()[spell.id or spell.recast_id]

Instead of:

Anyway, these are pretty minor changes but we wanted to let you know about them in case one of your files stops working.
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