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Twin Ravens recruiting
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By animanimus 2014-01-07 20:04:30  
Twin Ravens, a new and growing FC is looking for members. We had a ls in ffxi that lasted for years, based on cooperation, democratic decision making, scheduled events and just plain good times and we would like to recreate that here in Eorzea.

We are est based and looking for people for raiding as well as just being social. Dungeon leveling parties, endgame raiding, Crystal Tower, Hard and Extreme mode Primals, the whole gambit. Even if you are not wanting to raid but maybe are the more casual, hang out and chat type gamer you are still welcome. Website and teamspeak are upcoming and to be implemented soon.

Msg Micah or Lynara Zerrshia, Liz Lemon or Poisonous Nut in game or leave me a msg here. Time to get in on the ground floor!
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