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Synergy Augment Questions
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By elliondrk 2012-12-10 18:43:28  
Good evening. I'm trying to find some information on gear augments through synergy. If anyone would be able to answer my questions, or at least point me into the direction of a good guide, I'd really appreciate it.

First question:
What level synergy skill is needed?

Second question:
How many tatters does it take to augment? For example, I'm eventually going to want to augment Adaberk when I get it.

Third question:
When going for augments, is it possible to lose the item you're trying to augment?

Thanks for your time!
By Aeyela 2012-12-10 18:45:19  
1) You could theoretically augment at level 0, but your chances of getting smooth synergy (or even finishing) would be next to none. I'd recommend 40ish before you try it else you'll be wasting a lot of tatters on rubbish augments. The higher the better, obviously:

Approximate overall success rates for a skill level 80 synergist (assuming the synergy process is ended with perfect alignment) are NQ: ~15%, HQ1: ~60%, HQ2: ~15%, HQ3: ~10%.
Quoted from

2) 1 per attempt, overall will vary between different people's experience, but you could be looking at dozens or hundreds to get the augments you want.

3) Never. You will lose the tatters if you succeed, but never the item you're trying to augment. You'll retain tatters if you fail, though.
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By Odin.Creaucent 2012-12-10 18:45:44  
1) 80.
2) 1 tatter.
3) Cant lose any items from synergy.
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By Lakshmi.Byrth 2012-12-10 19:00:33  
It depends which class of gear augments you're talking about:
... and the third one, which is the old weapons, I think?

Anyway, you're probably talking about tatter and scrap synergy. There is approximately 1/8 chance of HQ3 per augment, which is the tier you have to get in order to get max result potency

My current record is:
22 - HQ3 ~= 18%
30 - HQ2 ~= 25%
50 - HQ1 ~= 42%
18 - NQ ~= 15%
:: Seal Synths

26 - HQ3 ~= 10%
70 - HQ2 ~= 25%
128 - HQ1 ~= 50%
43 - NQ ~= 15%
:: Abjuration Synths


48 - HQ3 ~= 12%
100 - HQ2 ~= 25%
178 - HQ1 ~= 46%
61 - NQ ~= 16%
Average of 6.65 scraps per seal
About 1/8 chance of HQ3, and within that, you have a chance of getting max potency that's at most 1/range. So if Critical Hit damage can go from 1~4% on Heca Hands +1, you have at most a 1/4 chance of getting 4% on HQ3 (so 1/32 overall).
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By elliondrk 2012-12-10 21:33:11  
Awesome. Thanks for the replies, folks :)
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