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[Dev] Synergy Furnace
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By Siren.Kalilla 2012-12-07 09:24:10  
12-07-2012 06:31 AM
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Regarding the Synergy Furnace

Thanks for your feedback. A few more individual responses...

{{Quoted post that the maximum of 99 on fewell is weird (referencing the fact that one piece of fewell adds 50 units to the furnace), asking to raise it to 100.}}

Since the mechanism can be adjusted up to 127, we should be able to do this without any major programming needed. I'll check into it.

{{Quoted post asking to eliminate area restrictions on using Synergy Furnace. Guy wants to be able to scrap seals in sky in case he gets double drops while soloing. lol.}}

As a basic rule, the portafurnace is limited to field areas (while Ru'Aun Gardens looks like a field, it is treated equivalent to a dungeon). Since there is some special programming required for the portafurnace, there are technical issues why they cannot be used in battlefield or dungeon areas, and the restriction is in place to avoid this.

{{Quoted post asking to make the portafurnace pop in front of the character rather than right on top of the character.}}

While it would be nice if this was possible, since you're not always on flat terrain, to avoid having the furnace end up buried in walls or rocks, or any other places you cannot physically go to, the furnace appears at the same coordinates as your character (the same goes for the trials log associated with Magian Spectacles).

Translated by: Slycer
サーバ: Siren
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By Siren.Thoraeon 2012-12-07 09:42:27  
And that is why the portafurnace is pretty much useless. It is not summonable in any area which drops seals/abjs. (ie sky/B.Dominion/D.Aery/VoS)

Edit: Actually it might be summonable in VoS. oh boy...
サーバ: Leviathan
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user: Kincard
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By Leviathan.Kincard 2012-12-07 09:45:48  
Yeah, when I was going scrap-happy on my Byakko's Haidate I really wish I could've just scrapped my Seals right there at the pop. I probably wasted several hours traveling back and forth just because of that. It's especially irritating when you consider how it can take hundreds and hundreds of synths to get a decent augment.
サーバ: Ragnarok
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By Ragnarok.Sekundes 2012-12-07 09:54:11  
Or they could like... make the seals not rare...

Though I'd prefer the furnace to be able to be used anywhere anyway.
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By Dmoney 2012-12-07 10:00:21  
Since its a special programing needed for portafurnace. They should make seals n aburjations not rare this would be a huge help and u wouldn't loose a seal or abj. if u got double since rarely can u get the augments u are after with scraps/ tatters from one seal/abj.
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