Static EXP Party (Lv40ish) WED-SUN Afternoons EST

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Static EXP Party (Lv40ish) WED-SUN Afternoons EST
サーバ: Midgardsormr
Game: FFXI
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By Midgardsormr.Yunachan 2008-05-05 22:48:52  
Hello! this is Yunachan on Midgard server, I am currently a SMN40 (Fenrir O, Carby Mitts O, Diabolos X) and WHM38, seeking a set or semi-set EXP PT for anyone interested. I want to make some friends on Midgardsormr, some people to joke with, EXP with, do missions with (CoP {Yes,please.}). I would like to make a LS for the static, too, so we can be our own little tight-knit social group ^^

I'm currently on Chapter 2 CoP (just did Promyvions) but they were easy so doing them again is fine. Garrison, BCNM, ENM, and anything else we can do as a static PT would be great, also. I prefer to have static members who are around my level to make it more fun, but it might be rare to find anyone who is highest lvl 38 lol. If you're 60+ or 75, thats fine, too, if you don't mind waiting for me to level up for CoP. Having a high level to help with hard stuff might actually come in handy anyway ^^

A little about myself, my name is Stephen (so please don't hit on my precious Yuna lol), and I work as a security guard Monday and Tuesday 4PM-12AM EST, and Friday/Saturday 12AM-8AM EST. My play time is anywhere between 2PM and 11PM EST on Wednesday thru Sunday. I am able to also play after work on Mon/Tues around 12:15AM EST if needed. Wednesday I can play all day/night, same for Saturday/Sunday.

Anyhow, I just want to see who all is listening out there. I'd like to see who has what jobs around level 38, and see if i can get maybe 3 or 4 people. Seeking for 2 is a lot better than putting my flag up lol. You can send me a /tell in the game (Yunachan) and I'm on Midgardsormr (duh lol). Also you can email at: or AIM: Sirargoof81. I'm usually online in FFXI between 2PM and 11PM EST WED-SUN.

I hope to hear from some people, can't wait! Thanks ^^

P.S.: I've played since 2004, this is my 3rd char, i'm not a noob! lol
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