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Asunder Social Powerhouse Linkshell Now Recruiting
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By Jones25u 2012-03-27 13:41:52  
First off I would like to thank you for taking interest in the Asunder.

Asunder Clan is a much more then a local based Linkshell, Clan, Guild.. Asunder is a combined effort to bring together a brotherhood and sisterhood of gamers over a vast amount of games and worlds. Such games as follows that we take priority and presence in now.

Final Fantasy XIV
Battlefield 3
Guild Wars 2
- We have other chapters in smaller “ Free to Play “ MMORPGS and Shooters.

With efforts in a vast field of games over many genres we like to welcome any who seem fit to follow small basic rules and guidelines.

- Respect is of up most priority to each other and the leaders of the group.
- Pride in one's self and in the clan, group, linkshell, guild.
Integrity don't lie to the member of your clan, guild, linkshell we our as close as family to some so lying will not be tolerated.

In a wrap up you will get what you putt into the clan, guild, linkshell, we pride our selves in our members and in our high caliber functionality to adapt to the surroundings of the present situations and the games growth.
We pride our selves in our members we putt forth all our efforts to see fit that our members get what they need for both combat and social events. We would like player who enjoy playing and socializing but our willing to work hard when the call is made to get a joint mission or adventure is needed.
If you feel your interested get a hold of any of the leaders or contact us on our site as follows:

Apply @

Or send us a personal message! thank!

Thank you,
Ullr Hellfire
Leader of Asunder / Aesir
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