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LF LS Members: FUSE - Find Use Share Expand
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By bumbyrumby 2011-12-31 20:05:29  


A 50 is not a requirement but the list below is. We are a particular type of player and we are looking for the like. Those who want the bond from one shell, those who want the best of the best from the game, those who want access to shell members regardless of in game or out (we carry a live twitter feed for our members as well as leader access & Ventrilo) and the knowledge that you will be playing the game you enjoy with people you trust, can depend on and know will be respectful of you. If you are of the same mentality as below you will find us to your liking.

I implore you to read over our directive as well as all questions before you decide to join us and make sure we are the right fit for you, we want those who want to be here and be with us, with the intent of looking forward to our Free Company later down the road when they are implemented. We do not use a point system and we do not have an over abundance of rules, we don't see the point we have experienced it and don't think it makes the game any more enjoyable. We prefer gearing our members with what they need/want and playing the game. Application answers need not be lengthy we value quality over quantity. We thank you and look forward to your application.

Jenny Ishii

Linkshell Master
Selbina Server

Mutal Respect

Long term game play
Enjoyment of the game play
Positive attitude
Good sense of humor

Event Days Currently:
Sunday: Free Day
Monday: Open World NMs
Tue: Free Day
Wed: Stronghold/Coffers
Thurs: Free Day
Fri: Primals
Sat: Dungeons
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By Kyri 2011-12-31 20:08:55  
I totally thought this was for FUSE ls in Besaid XD
Gl FUSE Selbina! I like your scheduling^^
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By bumbyrumby 2011-12-31 20:25:34  
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By Seraph.Koroma 2012-03-04 23:49:48  
Are you Kyokaku?
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