Triple Spark - Recruiting Endgame Late WEST COAST

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Triple Spark - Recruiting endgame late WEST COAST
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By Deceptistar 2011-12-29 15:34:54  

What is Triple Spark?
Triple Spark is an endgame linkshell on the SELBINA server.
We have established ourselves in Selbina since September 2010 during the beta stages. Our Linkshell events and times are based on late night west coast times (this includes hawaii, alaska, and the west coast)

Of course anyone who can make these time zones are welcome, NA, EU, and Asia.

What type of members are you looking for?
●  We focus on individual helping efforts so that our members can “grow up” in the LS together, including endgame and beyond as we progress. Our requirements are simple. We look for players who are relatively mature, have endurance, attentive, know their character well (or willing to), but also respectful of those around you. TS accepts members into its ranks that are of similar personalities, goals and values to its own.

Anything a member does reflects on the overall LS image and on all fellow members. We expect members to only take actions that reflect positively on the linkshells image that we have worked very hard to build. We look for good PEOPLE not only a character that meet a specific set of requirements.

We have:
- experienced members who know how keep drama to a minimum
- goals and rules that are realistic (not too much kittens and rainbow promises)
- an LS that does not severely restrict the players to a role they MUST do or MUST keep doing
- lack of clique groups
- a strong and steady history
- vent? o.o

Please check out our website and the charter to see how we are and what more you can expect from us!

Minimum Requisites
Rank 50
Must be a Private Third Class in one of the Grand Companies
Must be able to attend a majority of our scheduled events.
Youll need some subjobs leveled for any class your applying with

Current Status - Farming Moogle + some ifrit
Cleared - Roaming NM, Batraal 25min, Ifrit 10min

Open Classes + Skills as of 1.20 Patch
Currently we have some classes closed, but if you believe you are an exceptional player and would like to apply to us, below are some of the guidelines regarding skill sets:

DD Class - Strongly recommended skills: Sanguine Right, Featherfoot, Blood for Blood, and Invigorate
Tank Class - All of the above + Provoke, Sanguine Right, Sacred Prism, Decoy
Healers- CON + THM
All should have Sentinel. All should know what each and every skill they have, does.
These are just borderline minimum skills. Depending on the strats used we may prioritize other other skills. It is always good to have the subjobs leveled.

Our events times are:
Sunday: 7 pm PST
Wednesday: 9 PST
Friday: 9 PST
and Offday Events
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