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Welcome Ramuh. LS looking for members! All welcome
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By Bahamut.Arioch 2011-05-09 00:01:01  
DominiDeCupere LS a salvage LS that as currently moved into abyssea headstrong! Is currently recruiting we're looking for about 4-6 members with a variety of jobs leveled hopefully. At least 2+ mages or 1 melee (war,nin,mnk,drk~) and a mage. It'd be a plus if you have clears for shinryu… and some of the important atmas for the jobs you have. if not we'll try our best to get you them done as soon as we can.

How we work;
Everynight we /random to pick our event, the winner chooses what they'd like to do. You're allowed to pick whatever you want to do… keep in mind tho if its outside abyss you'll need to do most of the organization. (whatever winner chooses the group tries to complete it to the best their ability for the night). Also you get to pick 1 main and 1 secondary for each equipment slot (head,body,feet,legs,hands). Those will be taken into account for extra items and if we continue to kill the same NM after the random winner has completed their item. +2 items go to people who have the +1 already. After winning you are put on a cool down. To get off cool down you just need to come to *(X) events after you've showed up to *(X) events you can random again.
Wishlist item - random item you'd simply like to have first dibs on (can be w/e you want)

You can pick 1 Emp weapon to complete within the LS. you can go at completing it at w/e speed you want, keep in mind tho farming to complete it will only be if you win random for the night.

Every wednesday is a sac run. this will be used for a variety of things such as;
1. Farming a zone for atmas or abyssites people are missing.
2. If a majority of people are missing their mains/secondaries +1 for hands/feet/legs/head we will use the sac run to get them seals for these pieces so they can lot on +2 items.
3. Day off if thats what people want.
4. The sac run can be given to the player who has had the worse luck winning a random in the last 2 weeks. The sacs will try to figure out who will get the run a day or 2 in advance and more or less let 2/3 people know they might get the sac run on wednesday so they can be present if they are picked.

Our events aren't mandatory (like everything in this game lol…) we simply ask tho, once you've completed what you've wanted to keep in mind the people who helped.

There are also several people within the LS including myself that will be more then happy to help with things before or after event time (seal farming VNM farming w/e) as long as you let us know you want to do it we'll come along!

Here is our spreadsheet and **rules for you to read!

*Current value for cool down is 3 events may increase or decrease once we have recruited.
**We're currently rewriting and reevaluating our rules and spreadsheet.

Contact me after server merge or PM!
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By Siren.Kalilla 2011-05-09 00:09:04  
Hmmm... This is no different then a duplicate post ; ;

But I guess it is fine since they are merging >.>;
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By Leviathan.Draylo 2011-05-09 00:13:12  
You had to post that twice? lol
サーバ: Siren
Game: FFXI
user: Kalila
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By Siren.Kalilla 2011-05-09 00:14:11  
Of course, to keep the theme!
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By Asura.Daleterrence 2011-05-09 00:20:25  
It needs more pictures... It can't hold my attention. D:
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