Contract Killers Looking For New Members!!

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Contract Killers looking for new members!!
サーバ: Gilgamesh
Game: FFXI
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By Gilgamesh.Iconoclasm 2011-04-29 18:46:49  
Hello everyone, just posting real quick to let everyone know on Gilgamesh and Carby! (that is if anyone from that server is monitoring our forums ^^) That our LS is looking to pick up a few more members all jobs are welcome but BRD, WAR, WHM and or RDM are a Plus!!

Send me a tell in game if you have any question's, we do +1 and clears (Shinryu access) for all our new members, and also do +2 runs. We have some Emperean Weps done and are looking to bang out some more.

I'd also like to add that our schedule is basically a 6PM est. till whenever... lol and on Wed and Sat we farm & do Omega's and do Nyzul Isl. climbs / farms, ToaU, Cop missions etc, etc, etc. Thanks for your time guys and gals! & have fun.

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