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Paranor LS recruiting
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By allanon80 2011-04-23 16:54:04  
This comes from our recruitment page on our website @

About Us
We are a mid-core linkshell located on the palamecia server. This linkshell was started by a group of friends who have the same goal in mind on what a linkshell should be. One interesting fact about our linkshell is that we are an Oligarchy, this means we do not have 1 single leader instead the linkshell is run by a group of officers. As such all decisions are decided as a group amongst the leaders. We try to keep the atmosphere in this linkshell casual with end-game content in mind. Currently we run scheduled events Mon-Fri. We try to make sure that once you are in this linkshell you do not become bored. We are a global linkshell with members from all walks of life from locations all around the globe. We are also a self-sustaining linkshell with members that can fight monster and then craft the items dropped.

Who we are looking for
We are looking for dedicated active individuals who have a good head on their shoulders. We also would like to remind those interested in joining that we have a very diverse linkshell. This means we have people from all walks of life, so we only welcome those with an open mind. Below is a list of a few things each member must pass before applying to our linkshell:

You MUST have access and use Teamspeak (even if you dont have a mic).
You MUST be over the age of 18 years old.(No Exceptions)
You MUST be willing to get along with others, and if you have a problem all you need to do is bring it to the attention of an officer, we are here to listen and keep an enjoyable environment for our linkshell members.

We would also like to remind those who are interested in joining to read our Code of Conduct before applying. If you feel you fit our membership requirements then feel free to Register and fill out an application!
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By allanon80 2011-07-29 17:50:39  
Paranor Code of Conduct
Paranor is a LS made up of many people from various walks of life. Paranor is ran as an oligarchy. Paranor's Code of Conduct is as follows and subject to change as seen fit.

1.TeamSpeak is mandatory. You do not have to have a mic. but you need to use TeamSpeak so you can hear those that do. Failure to follow this rule is cause for removal from Paranor.
2.If you have multiple shells you are expected to do events with Paranor first if we are holding an event during your playtime. You are free to attend events with other shells when events are not taking place in Paranor. We will not tolerate competition between shells/members and if this becomes a problem you may be removed from Paranor without notice.(Competition means doing the same event Paranor is doing at the same time with a different shell)
3.Harassment to anyone in Paranor or in FFXIV is not tolerated and grounds for immediate removal from Paranor.
4.FFXIV is a game and each member should have fun. Please be mindful that we have a very diverse community, and as such if someone is offended by certain language try to refrain from using it.
5.If any LS member has an issue with another member please bring it to the attention of an officer so that it can be dealt with.
6.Paranor runs an open door policy if you have a suggestion, complaint, issue, etc. please bring it to the attention of an officer. (List of officers is under members tab)
7.Paranor is a LS with members age 18+ No Exceptions!
8.You can't spam linkchat, guild forums, etc, with complaints about the game nor may you be an RMT. If you do any of the following you may be removed from Paranor. If you break SE ToS you will be removed from Paranor. If you have an issue with the game please contact SE with feedback.
9.Any action that proves to be adverse to the LS by another member can be grounds for removal from the LS.
10.Remember this is a game have fun. Joke with your LS mates

All LS members are to know the C.o.C. Which means you can't plead ignorance if you are removed from the LS.
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By allanon80 2011-10-07 06:55:03  
We have opened our doors once again to all those players that are coming back to the game.
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