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Linkshell Odyssey is recruiting!
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By sarakyoten 2010-10-18 09:48:30  
Hello Palamecians! Currently Odyssey is recruiting players of all ranks! Currently we are a social linkshell but we hope to make our way to lv 50 asap to newer content. If you are interested please send Sara Kyoten a tell. If I don't respond right away, please try again later or send my officers a tell: Shayna Spiritward and Galka Meatshield.

PS: Also looking for a dedicated 18+ Conjurer to team up with for our group leveling static. If you're interested but already have a linkshell, you'd be welcome to join just for leveling :) once again please send Sara Kyoten a tell in game!

Thanks again and hope to see you guys on Palamecia!
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By Sylph.Lotusbluete 2010-10-18 09:59:37  
Hey there!

I'm happy to see more ppl from the forum on Palamecia.

I'd be very interested in exping, my Conjurer is only level 13 (almost 14) atm tho. I'm planning to hit 20 by the weekend.

If that doesnt work it was still nice to say "hi" here :P maybe i'll see you guys ingame!
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