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Recruiting - Immortal Knights
サーバ: Ramuh
Game: FFXI
user: Kiroo
Posts: 20
By Ramuh.Kiroo 2010-05-10 16:15:58  
Tired of drama filled and shady shells? We've been around a while, mostly as a social shell but we've made the jump and end game is our focus. We're running most events at 8CST/9EST and are offering:
Limbus(Apollyon and Temenos)Wed @ 9CST and Sundays @ 5CST
Sky(which recently started) Mon. and Fri. @ 8CST.
Sea and Einherjar are 2 events coming soon.
I'm straight forward and honest. If you can deal with that you might be right for us. Honestly while we do have some members persuing missions in groups, we are really looking for members with access to the areas. If your 75 with access look me up in game or put in a fully filled app (those looking to be funny and skip questions woll be instantly tossed)

Melee are welcome, mages even more so. If your interested heres our Guild portal site:
サーバ: Ramuh
Game: FFXI
Posts: 4
By Ramuh.Blackwatyr 2010-05-12 12:46:42  
I took the liberty to add your shell to the Ramuh linkshell list I was trying to create a few post down. I know you gave a description and recruitment in this post but if you could summarize it for the LS list. I'll add that in just reply on the other post the description and recruitment and I'll edit the list ^^
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