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Freelot Applications Open - All Jobs
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user: Andrinne
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By Fairy.Andrinne 2010-03-07 01:59:42  
Opening apps to all jobs.

What we do:
Freelot is an endgame linkshell that does a wide range of events or activities (except camp kings) designed to get our members items or gil. In the last two years we have given out nearly 1 billion gil in splits. (yes that figure is correct.)

The shell is generally considered a Mercenary shell in that most of our members are so fully geared that we kill many mobs solely to sell the items that drop from them.

Activities are regularly planned, but change depending on our members' needs.

On a weekly basis, we do:
* Sky
* Limbus
* Sea
* Einherjar
* Znms (depending on pops)
* Bahamut Version 2 or 18-man Ouryu runs
* Many of our members participate in Nyzul, Salvage, ENM and Assault statics.

Occasionally we do:
* KS99s (all three forms)
* Bahamut Version 1
* Mission and item runs like Weapon Skill NMs, Swift Belts and Ugg. Pendants
* Fomor NMs

We would prefer all of our members to have:
* both a DD AND A MAGE job levelled (Blue mage is not a mage job, don't bother arguing with me.)
* all jobs substantially geared
* be nearly fully merited (This is seriously more important than what jobs/gear you have. If you don't have merits, your gear doesn't matter, right Marco?)
* be excited to and will attend almost all of our events.

Note: We place special emphasis on attending both our einherjar times AND our Saturday daytime events, which begin at 2 PM EST. Please do not apply if you cannot attend these events.

To apply and/or see a full schedule of our events, go to

Questions: find Amalek, Maximilianbob, Andrinne or Shotokan in game.
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