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Hacked...fun stuff
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By Ifrit.Kungfuhustle 2009-12-09 09:54:42  
Seraph.Caiyuo said:
Phoenix.Shibahime said:

I see a lot of people speaking about computer, visiting sites or running widower and whatnot.
A person very close to me (RL) was hacked not too long ago. That person NEVER shared info, never visited any websites, played on Xbox. Never logged on another platform. We even asked SE how did the whole hacking happened, and yes, the first answer was "do you play on PC?". After we replied no, they didnt give another answer related to the subject.

So, if anyone is willing to give me more options please go ahead.
The only conclusion I and I assume most others can come to is he may have shared his info and is now just really embarrassed about it? Otherwise I can't see a scenario where he'd somehow get hacked. Absolutely no chance he used your computer at some point to play on his account? Maybe in that scenario you just lucked out with yours staying safe?

It takes a bot about 15 minutes to exploit a system and possibly take it over once it connects to the net, 5 minutes if your anti-virus is out-dated.

Your friend isn't sharing something, or maybe his MySpace account is set to Public.
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