EU Linkshell - Majestic Recruiting(2019)

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EU Linkshell - Majestic Recruiting(2019)
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By Nemezar 2019-06-02 08:44:45  
The Historical Linkshell majestic now more than 14 years old is looking for enthusiastic new players, from beginner, returner or season veteran. Looking for players in EU timezone who can speak fluent English.
Event wise at this time we are a bit dormant, perhaps if a few new players join it may help pick a new path - EG vagary, Delve, Omen. We are still running with our Sister LS Intrepid a Dynamis event, it may be possible to join this also but we are mainly in need of brds whms and tanks.

Let me know if you would like to join, we have our own website at and discord channel (invite on request)

Nemezar of Cerberus
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