Chocobo Digging Skillup

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Chocobo Digging Skillup
サーバ: Odin
Game: FFXI
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By Odin.Kisaragie 2018-04-02 17:57:42  
I'm using Sky Blue Racing Silks and Chocobo Rope

Starting at "A55 ->unknown-> A50" it took 170 "Your chocobo appears to have gained valuable knowledge from this discovery" A50 to A45. about that same time the "Winter Relic Reforging Campaign Part Two (02/27/2018)" started. I dug everyday of the campaign using both rental and personal chocobos, today the campaign ended: So far i have gotten 1200 "knowledge from this discovery" messages but im only A40. I was mainly digging outside of Norg then sometimes switch to Xarbard[S].

Did i do something wrong while digging?
Shouldn't i be a higher digging level than A40?
Any help on this would be great
Posts: 11
By MoobooMagoo 2018-04-07 19:06:43  
As far as I know you're not doing anything wrong. It just takes a really long time to level up digging is all.
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