X-Hit STP Build Using Raetic Algol +1

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X-Hit STP build using Raetic Algol +1
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By Bahamut.Lexouritis 2019-05-07 22:43:04  
Lakshmi.Cortez said: »
42+15 from /Sam or 42-15 or 27 from gear + 15 from /sam to get to the 42?

Asura.Saevel said: »
Just take a moment, it'll come to you.

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"go /sam with weapon of same delay hit a mob in tp set to see what tp/hit is. Then disengage and ws set and do the math from there and assume you'll get more tp/hit with raetic under the right conditions. I would do it for you" but..
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By Bahamut.Kludge 2019-05-09 09:36:07  
I had the same question a while back and answered it for myself. The math to calculate HQ Raetic Bonus per run to target TP isnt a simple place to start if you're just getting into this kind of math, but I did I build this ability to figure this out my into my calculator.

The STP required to reach a specified X-Hit is an estimate for HQ raetic weapons, but the simulated (and variable, with HQ Raetic weps) "Actual" X-hit value it returns once you've plugged your info in will be statistically accurate.

You'll need to make a copy into your Google drive, configure it, and input your info.

Base Calculator File (works standalone):

External Probability Engine (Requires a simple configuration plus permissions within both files. Makes it faster):

Edit: The math is quite a bit simpler with 2-handed HQ Raetic weps. What I provided above works with all combinations of main and sub equipped 1-handed HQ Raetic weps as well. That, when coupled with a non-100% hit rate makes things more fun to calculate
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By Asura.Bayonette 2019-05-09 10:50:47  

A 5 hit build with a 474 delay weapon needs 57 store tp. You get 15 from sam sub, so you do need 42.

Also, here’s a great book:

Bug Hunter
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By Asura.Kingnobody 2019-05-09 10:55:09  
Remember a time where a person was polite in asking a question, and not condescending when he is called out for having such a vague, broad question that nobody knows what is being asked?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.
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