Any EU LS Out There?

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Any EU LS out there?
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By sico 2017-04-03 18:18:57  
Hey there,

I m thinking about to return to FFXI but i dont wanne run out there alone. Is there any EU LS out there that pick up Veteran player from 2011?

If u dont know a EU ls in Baha, can u tell me which Server at least have a decent Number of Players on EU Timezone. May be someone could give me a link or something.

Best regards!
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By Bahamut.Lexouritis 2017-04-03 18:31:23  
EminenceLak is a very very good EU based LS in bahamut, but I don't know if they are accepting anyone at this time. You could try BlameMochi, also very good, it's a mix of NA/EU, but again might be closed. We ourselves are closed as well, have a good amount of EU members, but are mostly NA EST time zone based. D:

Asura and Odin seem to have the highest 'english' populations, so might want try there if you don't have luck in Bahamut. Good Luck :)
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By sico 2017-04-04 02:09:36  
Tyvm for the response Lex! :)
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By Carbuncle.Doryll 2017-04-04 03:08:36  
On carbuncle, you have 2/3 french linkshells. We're doing end game events. PM me if interressed
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