Discussion, Pls, On BST JSE (Ambscade & WKR) Capes

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Discussion, pls, on BST JSE (Ambscade & WKR) capes
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By IBHalliwell 2017-01-29 16:24:13  

I'd like to start a discussion on BST JSE capes. This includes both the Wildskeeper cape and the Ambuscade Artio's Mantle. The discussion - hopefully - will include:

  1. The cape you chose and under what conditions/when you use it.

  2. What augments you chose for each cape

  3. Why? Why did you chose what you did. I'm hoping by asking and getting this information to better learn about the game and how to play it well. Yeah, its to NOT go through the school of hard knocks or knockouts or having to use a needle.

The last time I seriously played BST was back with the level 75 cap. Right now I'm gearing up and part of it is building one or even two BST capes. As I say I'm a fan of avoiding the school of hard knocks, I do it enough already. :)

Thanks! :)
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By Quetzalcoatl.Falkirk 2017-01-29 17:35:02  
Wildskeeper Cape - pastoralist's mantle:

Since they introduced Ambuscade capes, the real important stat on these is Pet:Damage Taken-5%.

Ambuscade Capes - Artio's mantle:
If you're only planning to make a couple of these, I would suggest one for Reward with MND+30, and one with Pet:Attack+30.

1. Here's one that is suitable for Reward and Cloudsplitter:

2. And a pet-focused cape, with some defensive stats for the master:

Beyond that, you can go further and make more specific capes for WSs and utility functions...

3. Calamity etc:

4. Primal Rend, Charm...

5. Fast Cast (Utsusemi shadows etc), Magic Evasion...

6. Pet: Magic Accuracy for Roar, Sheep Song, etc...

There's more, but you get the idea. Hope that's helpful. :)
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By Quetzalcoatl.Beaztmaster 2017-01-29 18:02:33  
Bump of Approval.

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By IBHalliwell 2017-02-01 11:43:49  
Quetzalcoatl.Falkirk said: »
There's more, but you get the idea. Hope that's helpful. :)

Thank you so very much. Thus far the one I've been working on has:

For Beastmaster: Accuracy+20 and Attack+20

For Pet:
Accuracy+20 Range Accuracy+20 Attack+25 (20+5) Range Attack+25 (20+5)

Thus I have one last field to add and have been trying to decide between:

Double Attack+10
Store TP+10
Pet: Haste+10%
Pet: Regen+10

As how I play, well, when I was 75, I would melee with my pet, BUT at 119 I see why people are letting the pet take the lead.

My Son and I went to Escha - Zi'Tah and did the lizards! WOW using both Bouncing Bertha and Tegmina Buffet at 3K TP, we were killing it. We went during and off time and were able to pull and kill all the lizards in two separate pulls. I went first and he second. WE BOTH HAD ZERO (0) job points at the start of the session.

What this has to do with the discussion is simple: I see the advantage to having Pet helping gear.

I found most times my pet didn't have an issue with HP, but I did (over an hour session) have to feed "him" three (3) times, so Regen+10 might be helpful. YET, Haste+10% would be helpful during all fights. THOUGHTS, SUGGESTION?

Also what accessories should I look at getting? (Yes, I looked at the Killer Instinct thread - but find choosing accessories not clear. What are good ones for general fighting?

Thanks! :)
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By Gruknor 2017-02-01 12:59:16  
Empath necklace is really nice
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By Xilk 2017-02-03 08:41:44  
hija earring
Domesticator's earring (Sabong until you get domesticators)
empath necklace
incarnation sash (Hurch,lan Sash and Klouskap sash good also)
Thurandaut ring
varar ring
demonry core
deino collar - magical ready moves.
I think artio's are easier to make than getting Argochampsa mantle

These accessories are rather universal for bst until Omen when you want Adad amulet, Shulmanu Collar and Enmerkar earring.
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By Lakshmi.Buukki 2017-02-03 10:10:43  
If you're involved in Omen, Fu drops Shulmanu neck piece. It's pretty grand.

Of course if you have my luck, nothing good ever drops.

EDIT: I should learn to read^^
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By IBHalliwell 2017-02-05 13:26:18  

Well, I decided on Pet:Haste+10 for the SAP instead of double attack or Pet:Regen+10. I figured Haste is helpful at all time. Yes, regen is very useful during fights with more powerful (or many lower level) monsters, but so is haste.

Thanks for all your input and help! :)
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