Key Binds For White Mages

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Key Binds for White Mages
サーバ: Asura
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user: zart
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By Asura.Zart 2016-06-08 03:26:21  
Well let me start by saying that I've been playing since 2003, and I recently got back into the game. I have remade my macros pretty much completely at least five times now, because before I was paranoid about uploading windower scripts to FFXI server, but now we have /equipsets so I've been working pretty tirelessly trying to get my macro up to speed for my three main jobs THF, BRD and WHM since I've been back.

So I was farming high tier battlefields (on white mage) and I noticed that I struggled in Dawn and Return to Delfutt's tower with silencega. Using the echo drops manually seemed to be pretty slow, and making a macro for them I would panic and have a hard time finding it at times.

So I came up with idea to key bind in windower so my 1 key would always use echo drops, and this further evolved into the idea that I could have these key binds so, I could press windowskey+1 and it would load white mage key binds, or if i press windowskey+3 it would load bard key binds.. and so forth.

What I have here is my first two key binds scripts for White Mage sub scholar and White Mage sub red mage. I was also wondering if any of you do key binds and how you implement them. I am also want to add that I am a controller based player so these key binds are intended to be used in addition to my controller based game play..

so first thing you would have to do is type these two phrases into your init.txt file, which is generally located in this directory:
C:/Program Files(86)/windower4/scripts

and type in these two binds (preferably at the bottom of the binds, in that txt file.)
bind %@1 exec WHMSCHBIND.txt 
bind %@2 exec WHMRDMBIND.txt

basically this states, when your chat log box is not open you can press (windows key)+1 to launch the WHMSCHBIND.txt script and (windows key)+2 to launch the WHMRDMBIND.txt script.

Then you would have to place these scripts into your folder,


Keys//Ability (in this WHMRDM setup) (the differences bewteen the two builds are bolded)


Keys//Ability (in this WHMSCH setup)(the differences bewteen the two builds are bolded)

anyways I hope someone enjoys going through this, I think now that I'm done with WHM i can try to make bind sets for THF and BRD too.. heres a blank template if anyone wants to try making their own.
サーバ: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: zart
Posts: 146
By Asura.Zart 2016-06-09 14:54:36  
Well these are all still seem to not be working as they should they usually load 2 commands for each bind and I think the best fix for this would be to break them each down into their own text files...
Anyways I will be working on this but not at the moment :p
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