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Returning Player Looking for Active LS
サーバ: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
user: Kael
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By Lakshmi.Reshi 2015-05-24 13:58:01  
Hey Lakshmi!

I just re-started my account after a long-ish break (I stopped playing last when delve was the primary endgame focus). I'm looking for a LS that is social and active. Send me a /tell ingame or respond to this thread if anyone wants to hook me up. Thanks! :)
サーバ: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
user: KiloWatt
Posts: 72
By Lakshmi.Jutubyaa 2015-06-07 00:27:22  

I'm in the same boat as Reshi; looking for active LS on Lakshmi. If anyone has room for another pearl could you shoot one my way?
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By Lucrezia 2015-12-05 05:56:21  

My brother and I have returned more permanently. Having geared up during the "Return Home" campaigns, we've hit a wall at what a duo can do however, especially in terms requiring 3+ players to enter.

We'd love to have a LS or some fellow players in the same situation to join and play with. /t Lucrezia or Ranzz please.
サーバ: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: Foreverj
Posts: 332
By Bahamut.Foreverj 2015-12-05 08:17:20  
Welcome back. Glad u enjoying the game. Would help if you list your jobs u play or jobs u are willing to play and what activities you looking to do.

In general would say go to asura. Better chances of finding someone there
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By Lucrezia 2015-12-05 10:48:49  
Between us we have blu x2, bst x2, thf, rdm, dnc @99 and a lot more at level 75-90 that can be leveled quick enough. Only about 80 JP in any of them though.

We're looking to do 120s range UNMs, Delve, Vagary, Incursion, merit BCNMs, Wildkeeper Reives, SoA and RoV missions and quests.

I'd love to change servers if not for the cost associated with it. NA prime time on Lakshmi looks like only 300 people and probably 50% of that is perma-AFKs.
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