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Using the Report Function
サーバ: Lakshmi
Game: FFXI
user: Aelius
By Lakshmi.Aelius 2014-08-28 21:01:42  

What to report and What not to report.....

Recently I have noticed many reports for very minor, non-breaking rules, or just for the heck of it. I think a clarification for what type of content to report on a post or screenshot.

Report for:

Any image that is:
  • Breaking rules

  • Too Graphic (actual nudity, graphically pornographic, gore)

  • Bypassing language filter

  • Harassing (Read below for more on harassment)

  • Player warning

  • Racist in any manner

Any post that:
  • Excessive cussing

  • Player warning

  • Harassment (See below)

  • Breaking rules

  • Inappropriate content (See below)

  • Racist in any manner

  • Insulting

DO NOT Report for:

Images that:
  • Were approved years ago that do not break rules...

  • You don't like it.

Posts that:
  • Were made years ago...

  • Are in a dead thread (see below)

  • You don't like it.


Harassment - A person who is using an image or post to attack another user/player. This also is used to bypass certain rules which is not tolerated.

Inappropriate content - Content in a post or image that possibly is rule breaking or intended to be used for a purpose that is offensive, rule breaking, graphic, etc. (However, does not mean to report right away. Please PM a MOD/Admin for a post that is questionable.)

Dead Thread - A thread that has been inactive for more than a 20 days. Necrobumping to make the thread out of inactive to just report a post is not tolerated neither.

Abusing this feature on posts/screenshots will not be tolerated and you will lose your reporting privileges for a while. Bandwagon reporting will be dealt with harshly.

Please see Rules here: Forum Rules

Originally written by Aly. Updated by Aelius
This post may be edited to add more to list by mod or admin.
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