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War lua
サーバ: Shiva
Game: FFXI
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By Shiva.Silentknight 2014-07-05 02:33:18  
I'm having issues getting this lua to swap back into my tp set after ws's. I've messed around with it a ton and asked from help from a friend but i'm still rather new to lua and not totally sure what i'm dealing with, so i changed it mostly back to the one i built it off and only changed out a few things. Using the AA GS atm since i don't have my rag i119 atm.

サーバ: Sylph
Game: FFXI
user: feary
Posts: 428
By Sylph.Feary 2014-07-05 03:48:21  
well i think you need to make this logic simple. you are starting off and need to build from the basics.

however just glancing at this at 5am, i guess your problems are in lines like 158 and examples below. you also probably better off with removing the logic since you are adding a unnecessary step. it just getting confusing. having a tp set, and a aftercast set that is the same thing.

sets.aftercast.TP = sets.TP.Tunglmyrkvi.Normal


changing it to a setcombine /shrug.
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