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Aurora Lights FC Recruitment
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By Qasoso 2014-03-16 00:54:22  
Aurora Lights is a free company formed on September 2, 2013 made of a small group of people from FFXI, as well as FFXIV players who we met early on in 2.0. We're looking to expand our ranks and recruit for our Coil static. We are online nearly every day, and we want more people to do things with!

What we can offer:
  • People willing and able to do most endgame content: We've had a group doing extreme primal farming and weekly wins, as well as getting others their clears. We've also done Coil every week since a month after the official release of 2.0.

  • Leveling up: We have some new people leveling up their first job, and whenever we're not doing endgame activities, we run through low level dungeons and offer help.

  • Housing: All of us have worked hard together to get a house in the Lavender Beds. Come visit us in Ward 1, Lot 18!

What we're looking for:
  • Members in general: We want more people in our free company so that we can create a robust social environment. We're not just here to get our caps and weeklies done, we wanna have fun with this game as a whole, no matter what we're doing. We also have a Mumble server that we're in every day, so pop in and come chat!

  • Members for a Coil static: We're looking for capable people to fill up a Coil static running Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 5 PM PST. We're 6/8 and looking mainly for a tank and a healer. We've run through Coil every week with another static for months, and we've made progress through T5. We're hoping we can get a group together to finally finish it before the 2.2 patch hits.

For any questions or to inquire about joining, send a /tell to either Kaso Soraja or Mhia Kurniadi, or use the FC Application system. We hope to see you in game soon!
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By Voren 2014-03-16 01:20:18  
You might consider contacting Richard Highwind. He's the leader of the FC I'm in on 14. I'm not suggesting a merger, but a static might be a good idea. I know he's looking at getting us into mass events without using DF or shouting for randoms (which can get plenty of douchebags as you may know).
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By Qasoso 2014-03-17 17:41:47  
Will talk to them in game. Also, we've picked up a tank and are now 6/8.
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user: mikuu
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By Hatsune Miku 2014-03-17 19:39:52  
Besides coil, we're also looking for more friends to play with every day mostly.
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