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Nephilim - Free Company Recruiting on Hyperion
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user: Caivian
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By Cerily Amiri 2013-10-13 21:01:54  
Nephilim Free Company is recruiting on Hyperion.

  • Who we are: Nephilim was started on 9/20/13 after several of us moved on from our first free company in 2.0. We are a small group of players (12 total members), and many of us are on at all different times of the day due to differing work schedules. All of us at this point have at least one lv 50 job, but many are working on additional jobs at all different level ranges. About half of us have progressed through one relic and are working on others. At this point none of us have experience in The Binding Coil of Bahamut.

  • What we do: We try to run Amdapor Keep as often as members need to get 300 mythology tomestones each week. Outside of this, we try to do whatever dungeons members want or need to do.
    Future Goals: Most of us would like to start learning Coil and become proficient enough at Titan to help less experienced members learn that and similar content. We would like to have groups specifically for Coil so that we’re not dealing with pick-up groups each week.

  • What we are looking for: Players of all level ranges to join for leveling, dungeons, and learning to be as good as we can at the higher content. Experience is not necessary as we will do our best to help each other learn the content as we go through it.

In short, Nephilim is a social + more free company looking for more to join our family. If you would like to give us a try, please PM me here or send a tell to Caivian Amory, Ixily Nikesa, Jo Joey or Yamill Zera. Any of us can invite you to the company.

Please remember, courtesy goes a long way, but drama is not tolerated.

Thank you for reading.
サーバ: Hyperion
user: Datenshi
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By Ixily Nikesa 2013-10-14 17:58:08  
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