Kirko Bangz Recruiting From Hyperion

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Kirko Bangz recruiting from Hyperion
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By Mutsuhiko 2013-08-15 14:25:22  
With the release coming soon must say i cant wait... I also have a bit of recruiting to do. I had 30+ members coming to join me but it seems a few backed out due to the stupid Legacy rumors, so here it goes I will be recruiting for a FC people of all levels i wont discriminate due to the fact most of my FC is coming fresh off a new game we plan to do all events and be as helpful towards each other as possible. I know this probably sounds like we'll have alot of noobs this is true but these are capable players from other MMOs and we never had problems achieving anything on those MMOs if interested respond to the post or look for me in game I'll be on Hyperion for phase 4. Good luck to all and happy gaming
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