RUN Artifact Armor Storyline Quests

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RUN Artifact Armor Storyline Quests
Guide Maker
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By Valefor.Sehachan 2013-08-07 14:52:19  
Did you get the projector from the guy at Inventors?
サーバ: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
user: jynxie
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By Fenrir.Jynx 2013-08-07 18:41:01  
I got it. Both walkthroughs I've seen just says ask about the kelp or the kelp and the stone. Had to go to the 3rd line also.
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By Bismarck.Zuidar 2013-08-08 20:03:35  
Thanks Prothescar for the full walkthrough of the quests! I have changed the first post of this thread to include your whole walkthrough as a guide for those who want to get their AF armor for RUN
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By Asura.Jkun 2014-02-24 02:25:42  
Attempted to solo Staumarth on RUN/DNC rocking 4/5 Wayfarer and E.Sword...only to get flattened by both magical and physical dmg while the NM was at >90% still. Am I doing something terribly wrong or is it impossible to solo with current iLvl cap?

Edit: forgot to mention Trust npcs get owned after the first few -agas..any trick to have Kupipi/Joachim stand out of range and just throw cures/songs at me?
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By Luvbunny1 2014-02-26 07:48:20  
I soloed the Staumarth NM using Rdm/Ninja ironically. Rune just does not stand a chance without being able to cure itself. Tried using Trust NPC to go with me, but they end up being a hindrance and die super fast. I first tried to go as Run/Dnc, didn't work so well busy trying to cast regen, stoneskin, aqua veil, refresh etc... Rdm/Run and Rdm/dancer doesn't work either, same goes to Run/Whm. Evasion can only take you so far - the problem is this mob hits quite hard. Plus the annoying terror move.

Rdm/Ninja is awesome for this. Use Enfire or Enthunder. Make sure all your stoneskin, aqua veil, regen 2, haste, blaze spike, bar water, bar paralyze, gain INT, temper all up. Because this NM loves to cast long ancient magic, you have enough time to recast stuffs. The main thing is not to get hit while able to deal damage. Nuke fire or thunder, mainly stay alive till it dies. Use magic defense gears. Being terrorized while he cast water 5, blizzaga 3 is no fun. It took me over 80 mnts to kill this...

I use skirmish yorcia gear, with some bayld gear and fast cast neck piece from Aby Latheine due to elemental resistance bonus. Earthcry earring and siegel sash for faster cast stoneskin. Plus a couple magic attack bonus items, and a set of Merman Ring for -8% magic damage. I am sure if you can get two dark rings with far greater stat bonuses, you should do fine. It just takes a long time. I do wonder if Rune/Ninja dual wielding sword will work. Burning Blade deal over 300 damage.

I still think Rune Fencer needs more work... It cannot cast cure, which is ridiculous, it should be able to cast at least Cure 1-3 and haste.
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By Luvbunny1 2014-05-25 10:28:47  
Soloed Insidio NM for the Rune AF body quest - with Trust NPC. Here is how you do it:

Come as Sch/Rdm with good nuking set - Sch/Whm works as well, or Sch/Blm. Summon your NPCs, fight random mobs to get their buffs going. I went with tank, healer, and one nuker npc. Before you pop, make sure you stoneskinga your group - and cast buff on yourself as well. Enmity spell on your tank NPC, enmity down on your nuker NPC, adloquium on your tank NPC. If you have Myrkr unlocked, then you are golden with mp, otherwise bring MP recovery x 4-5.

1. Pop Insidio, run to the back of the secret beach because there is elemental pop (which is almost always). Attack it and then let NPC deal with - barthundra them and barvira if you sub whm.
2. Immediately cast regen V-ga with perpetuance on NPCs. Then switch to BLM mode, cast klimaform and your thunder weather spell. Enfeeble Insidio.
3. Start casting Ionohelix on NM, and Dia 2. Make sure you can land at least 400 Helix, mine did over 580, use Ebullience if you must.
4. Now it's a matter of rotating your Regen 5 buffs, viruna silena your NPCs - and throwing Thunder 1 spell plus Helix and Dia.
5. Should your NPC low on MP, make sure you have helix, dia, and regen v casted fresh - then you can disengage and run around wide circle to kite Insidio while your NPC regen their MPs.

Do be careful with its charm move. It cannot charm NPCs but you do not want to be near it when it happens. I tried solo with npc as Rune, Rdm and Smn but those jobs don't work well due to charm landed randomly, or MP issue and healing the trust. Sch works extremely well due to Regen 5 and Helix. Happy Solo-ing.
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