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Infamous Dynasty [LS/FC] Raid/Endgame/PvP/Social
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By D3AFN3SS1337 2013-08-01 16:11:22  

About Us
In Final Fantasy XI Online, Infamous Dynasty was created in 2004 by Synnre and it was a social linkshell. Through more than five years, we became endgame as everyone reached 75 level. Many social members stopped playing FFXI before reaching 75 level and still, the linkshell still stood and we had almost another 5 years to play FFXI.

Since the addons of FFXI, "Abyssea," and old Final Fantasy XIV came out, our linkshell started to dwindle down to ten members and we still stood and we played different MMORPGs and video games (some of us still played classic FFXIV) till we heard about FFXIV 2.0.

With the latest updates around FFXIV 2.0, our brothers of Infamous Dynasty has started to become more active!

Our future linkshell of FFXIV, we are recruiting old members back, but we can recruit new members if one of more of us knows them before. We are serious about our social. So, in our future, we would mainly on PvE at beginning. Since PvP comes out, we would do our best to team up enough for breaking a linkshell's castle wall and defeat everyone to own the castle!

Members of Infamous Dynasty come in a wide array of players. Some are the underdogs, some are the over acheivers, some are the beatniks who's loyalty will not waiver. We are a group of good casual players that hold ourselves to a higher standard not of moral fortitude but of adventure and fun. We span the globe and come together in a place where we are among friends.

Our mission is to have fun. We challenge ourselves to stand strong together bound by an oath. Infamous Dynasty members rally behind what we believe to be a higher moral calling. Not by the laws of man, but by a code of right. We stand for the fallen and punish the wicked. We are the deciders of right. Every story needs a hero and every story needs a villian. In a world of ashes, we rise. Every story needs a hero and a villain, may history determine our legacy.
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By D3AFN3SS1337 2013-08-01 16:19:37  
Which server is your free company on?

Who is the free company leader of Infamous Dynasty?
Lord Syn aka Synnre Thegreat.

Who are your sub-leaders/sackers?
Subleaders will be announced at a latter date once names have been finalized.

Is your free company mainly PvE or PvP?
For now, we will focus on PvE at beginning. Later on, we will be focus on both of PvE and PvP.

Which jobs is your free company recruiting?
Jobs don't matter. We would like you to have more than one job leveled. Easy to switch for party setup.

What kind of events will Infamous Dynasty host?
Infamous Dynasty is an ever changing free company that doesn't jump on the flavor of the month but focus on needs of members and tailor events to equip its members with the best gear available.

What do I need to do to become a high ranking member in this free company?
Like most things, loyalty and dedication along with a great attitude will help you soar through the rankings.

How can I help the free company grow?
There are many ways, word to mouth, invite friends, be a great player and be helpful. People tend to gravity to Infamous Dynasty, because we tend to be a close knit group. That closeness comes from being dedicated to each other and helping when you can.

Will there a point system?
All low level dungeons are not necessary for points. We might need it if the drop rates suck in any endgame dungeons and others.

Who created this website?
Wolfwood and Fareed. Wolfwood mostly worked on website layout designs and HTML. Fareed worked on CSS style and template. We had helps from Chrees - CSS designer of Sea of Stars.
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By D3AFN3SS1337 2013-08-01 16:27:14  
The recruitment is OPEN!
Click here.
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