Sam Needing +2 Help

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Sam needing +2 Help
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By ScorpiusMaximus 2013-03-06 22:57:42  
G'day guys.
This is for my Phoenix mates.
Just wondering if anyone
would be able to help me get my
+2 Jewels for Sam.
Because i live in Australia it seems very hard to get help at the times i'm on.
Currently i have:
Jewel of Vision x 0/6. NM: Turul, Ulhuadashi or Hadal Satiator.
Jewel of Ardor x 0/9. NM: Orthrus, Fuath or Bukhis (tho 120k hp lol)
Jewel of Wieldance x 0/6. NM: Amphitrite, Resheph or Tristitia
Jewel of Balance x 5/6. NM: Lacovie, Cirein-croin.
Jewel of Voyage x 2/6. NM: Sedna, Briareus or Hadhayosh.
I have looked on wiki, and these NM's seem the best to do/farm for.
Any help or advice appreciated, or even if someone could point me to
a good linkshell/s.
Cheers guys.

p.s. Also wouldn't mind some help completeing Sandy VW T3 & T4, my party forming sucks lol.
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