What Is Best For LNC/DRG?

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What is best for LNC/DRG?
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By Malach 2012-08-15 19:57:43  
What is the best gear for LNC/DRG and what melds should be used where? Is the new Giantgall trident with the right melds bad ***? What is the favored foods? Which stat is more important and there caps str or pie?
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By Asura.Ina 2012-08-16 07:55:49  
For all DoW except for archer the primary stat is STR and the second stat is their seconday. The cap for your stats are based off the stats shown on your weapon, DMG for auto attack caps and damage (I think this extends to any ability that does not use tp but not sure) and DPS for Weapon skill caps and damage. Ifrit's lance for example is 348/310ish for caps, anything with a lower DPS will be lower, anything higher will be higher so there is no one answer but aiming for 350/310 is a good idea then you can pick up a few more str if needed. Auto attack cap is much lower then WS cap so realisticly speaking as long as your gear is decent it should be capped

Giantgall will probably be falling behind other options with out double melds but it is your best option if you don't have access to primals or LT weapons yet.

Not sure whats best for specific gear slots so hopfully someone else can cover that for you.
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By SOLALCHEMIST 2012-08-18 07:06:02  
Although not a totally optimal build, this is my set up, works well for me.

Weapons :
Champion's Lance +1 , melded with +15 pie , 40 crit
(or champ lance nq with +15 acc +30 crit +22 att)
or Garuda's Beak

Head - Darklight Helm
Body - Darksteel Haub +1 melded with +13 pie , +30 crit
Hands - Felt bracers +1 melded with +45 str
Belt - Peisteskin Huntingbelt +1 melded with +20 crit att power
Legs - Felt Trousers +1 melded with +20 crit rating , +10 int/pie
Feet - Darklight Sollerets

Earring - Militia Earring
Neck - Electrum Gorget +1
Wrist - Tourmaline Bracelet +1
Rings - 1 Tourmaline +1 / 1 Rubellite +1

This puts me on 355 str and 320 pie, which is a little high for the dps of my current lance, but should work nicely with relic.

Hope this gives you some ideas.
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