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"Knights of the Round" new recruitment!
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By bebecornelia 2012-04-29 06:27:50  
Knights Of The Round is a European (EU) Linkshell created to cater for those players who primarily play around the GMT +0 timezone. It's a place to relax from real life and endgame duties, make new friends and experience the game on a casual non-stressed way.

Though we have EU (and some NA) members, a significant proportion of our members are currently from the United Kingdom (UK).

We have been continuously active since our formation in January 2010, which makes us over 2 years old to date. This makes us the oldest EU linkshell on Cornelia (pre-server merge) or Durandal (post-server merge), and one of the oldest across all servers!

Where Are We - We are currently on Durandal (Cornelia having merged with Rabanastre on 27/03/12).

Our Aims - We are a social and voicechat based linkshell. We want to take our time exploring Eorzea, and enjoying everything it has to offer. For us, the journey is as important as the final destination. We encourage members to communicate and group with each other to enhance the playing experience, and have our own website with Forums and an Event Calendar, as well as our own Mumble server. We have a number of members who craft (and meld materia), so we are fairly self-sufficient for most things.

While we do participate in endgame content successfully, we do not have any plans to be a raiding-only linkshell. If you are looking for a linkshell that revolves around this (or just does regular endgame events), or one that doesn't require you to say/do much when you are online, we recommend looking elsewhere.

Interested in applying? - Please visit Knights of the Round

Questions? - Please speak to one of the following Officers in-game:

Arya Nix (leader)
Justalyne Relboron
Noriko Sasagawa
Cante Jondo
Blenka Sop
Thug Hunter
Bebe Karakurenai
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