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Paradise Oblivion looking for quality players
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By Aratharn 2012-04-02 11:49:05  

We want to pick up a few more quality players that actively play FFXIV. If you feel your skill-set and knowledge of your job(s)/game mechanics is above average and are looking for a LS with like-minded individuals you should check us out.

We were a successful NA FFXI LS during XI's prime and have been playing XIV since release. We normally start scheduled events around ~9:00p EST but if we have 8 people on wanting to do something we can be spontaneous like that.

What we want:

* At least 2 lvl 50 DoW/DoM
* Active
* Great concept of game mechanics
* Reads patch notes / researches how to be most effective at their job(s)
* No drama / great teamwork

If interested, please check out our forums on how to apply.

UPDATE: Still looking to fill a few slots. Hoping to find someone who plays melee as we are kind of mage heavy right now. Looking for efficient melees who know how to maximize DPS. Photography skills a plus. for more info.
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By Aratharn 2012-06-22 10:10:36  
We are looking to bring aboard 2-3 active players.

Right now as a LS we are working on relics. Doing a lot of Hamlet farming on our event nights and we always have a top 20 provisioner. So if this is something you are serious about, this is the direction we are headed closing out 1.X content. We have a "you get what you put in" policy towards handling loot which has worked without any complications.

We like to laugh. We like to get ish done. We have girls that talk on vent.

For more information on how to apply, please check out our website ->
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