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Atma + healing breath
サーバ: Leviathan
Game: FFXI
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By Leviathan.Gotterdammerung 2010-10-27 01:07:28  
Has anyone with a full healing breath set tried it out in abyssea with atma of the impregnable tower and atma of the ebon hoof. Atmas effect pets so ur wyvern should get the 2 superior hp boosts. If anyones in a position to try it out please do im curious.
サーバ: Bismarck
Game: FFXI
user: Greyfin
Posts: 471
By Bismarck.Nexdeus 2010-10-27 01:46:17  
Ive done it with ebon hoof, it does indeed effect your HB, my average HB were doing about 760-800.
サーバ: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: Zor
Posts: 2104
By Bahamut.Zorander 2010-10-29 16:24:49  
I was doing them the other night with new Wyvern and no Tp for 650+ and with Healing Breath over 1k easy.

I am missing 2 or 3 peices for a full HB set. Chanoix/Lancers Neck, O.Mitts, and AfLegs+1.

Edit: Ebon Hoof onry I lack the 2nd HP atma.
サーバ: Valefor
Game: FFXI
user: Byxfluzba
Posts: 76
By Valefor.Byxfluzba 2010-11-08 21:30:41  
Ebon hoof, max XP and best gear comes out to 750 base heals. 1192? DB's iirc.
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Posts: 174
By Areis 2010-12-23 05:24:54  
Ok so instead of making a new thread... guess it works along with the Atma + Healing Breath.

Can you Empathy over the HP Bonus from Abyssea? And if so... how long does it last.
サーバ: Leviathan
Game: FFXI
Posts: 185
By Leviathan.Korialstrasz 2010-12-24 18:17:10  
Highest I've done so far is over 1400 (with DB) with Ebon Hoof and Dragon Rider. Since I got my 3rd atma I haven't tried with those 2 + Impregnable Tower. Really no point though really unless you just wanna see gigantic HB numbers at the expense of taking forever to kill the mob.

As for using empathy for the HP bonus, I haven't tried it but I'd imagine you can. Wouldn't be hard to test either, merits aren't exactly hard to come by these days.
Posts: 174
By Areis 2010-12-25 02:45:52  
would be more is it worth taking 1 point out of Angon/Deep Breathing (5/5 on both) to put it into empathy just to give wyvern +60% or more health... would be the single biggest boost from anything i think (from having all merit abyssites)
サーバ: Shiva
Game: FFXI
user: Sindri
Posts: 1255
By Shiva.Khimaira 2010-12-25 03:44:43  
Atma of the Dragon Rider any good for it? Just curious.
サーバ: Cerberus
Game: FFXI
user: Dreirael
Posts: 33
By Cerberus.Dreirael 2010-12-25 03:57:51  
Pet will gain cruor buffs and empathy won't transfer those. But I don't know if your abyssites buffs pet too. I took Dragon Rider atma and when I went to take cruor buffs, my pet's hp got filled up from around 66% to full. When I used empathy, after a while my pet's Seigan effect wore off and that comes after all cruor and atma icons.
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