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Power Rangers: A Guide to Pewing
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サーバ: Phoenix
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user: Anza
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By Phoenix.Capuchin 2017-11-09 16:11:37  
RNG is actually fairly popular now, relatively speaking. It's a lower barrier to entry (both cost and skill wise) versus a high end melee zerg setup. While RNG strats might not compete with a properly set up Nirvana SMN AC zerg or excellent WARs in a lot of cases, it's still quite effective and normally very safe.

I kinda think the seeds for this were planted in Reisenjima in the period through 2016 or so when BLM was extremely popular as a high damage source with a low risk of death from AoE or uncontrolled hate. The combination of (1) GEO "nerf" and (2) a trend toward less nuke-favorable mobs has reduced the popularity of tossing a group of BLMs at stuff, but since RNG wasn't affected much by either of those factors, I think there was a pretty substantial (and logical) shift to using more physical ranged setups as a direct result.

Also doesn't hurt that RNG has been generally been getting really good gear in the post-Omen era (AF+2/+3, several fantastic Omen accessories, Meghanada+2 set is quite nice and easy to obtain, etc.). I'd say RNG has been near the top of the list of jobs that have received good new gear in the past year-ish.

The only downside is when people just pick up a Fomalhaut in Aeonic groups then decide to take up RNG, and play it without a care in the world about enmity. Non-stop Last Stand spam (and JR spam, not to leave out my Gandiva toting friends) has its place, but isn't exactly a recipe for the controlled, safe ranged damage that some of these strategies are built for... But that can easily be managed with smart use of Decoy/Camo, magical WS, and the option of Anni/Coronach (by no means necessary in almost all cases, but it's a good option and a fairly affordable way to get very good performance and easy hate control).

TL;DR - yeah, RNG has been in a pretty good place this past year.
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By Bahamut.Baozzer 2017-11-09 17:16:52  
Shiva.Spynx said: »
Bahamut.Baozzer said: »
RNG is pretty useful for omen if your whm is bad
Very true but a good part of the blame is also with the DD not switching to DT gear before incoming nasty tp moves.

Back on topic, RNG is still a really relevant and fun way to kill endgame NMs especially as you have high damage potential (even if slower than physical as people highlighted) and bunch of nice enmity management tools such as decoy shot and relatively-cheap and easy to get Annihilator

Don't forget insane status ailments and people don't like using remedies and holy waters for some reason. I've also use RNG for Helm fights. Schach, Albumen, and Vini to be exact.
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By eliroo 2017-11-14 10:36:24  
So if I wanted to play RNG and get grabbed for pick up groups would Annihilator be a good start or will Holliday suffice until I can scrounge up the funds for an AG anni?

Also are there any updated gearsets or just someone with an updated Gearswap that I can look around in to figure out what gear I need to get?
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By fillerbunny9 2017-11-14 10:51:00  
you could probably just gimp along with Relic. the damage difference is going to be pretty close depending how many stones you throw into the mix. Holliday would most likely be a better weapon in the short term, but that is gil you should be funneling to other slots.

Item Set discussions:



if you search this thread for lua or gearswap, I am sure you will come up with a few results, in addition to the option of getting one off of BG, just using Google, etc.
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By eliroo 2017-11-14 10:55:37  
Ok cool thanks!
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By fillerbunny9 2017-11-14 11:18:07  
there might be a couple others that I missed, but there was a fair amount of discussion in them all, and should net you a lot of what to aim for.
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By fonewear 2017-11-14 12:05:21  
Real life FFXI ranger mythic weapon:

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